Computer Labs

The Mathematics Department has two instructional computer labs which are used extensively for numerous math courses.  These are not open-general purpose university labs.  Rhodes Tower 1501 is located close to Mathematics faculty offices.  It was first installed during the Summer of 1994 thanks to a grant from the National Science Foundation and has been upgraded recently to include 37 desktop computers and an instructor podium with full multimedia capabilities.

We also have a computer lab located in Main Classroom 435.  This lab consists of 46 desktop computers and a fully functional multimedia instructor podium similar to RT 1501.

Beyond software provided on all university computers, Mathematics Department software includes Cabri GeometryII, Geogebra, Maple, Matlab, Minitab, SAS, SPSS, Logo, Fathom, MathType, MikTex, as well as ALEKS and MyMathLab capable web-browsers.

The department also maintains a small, 9-computer satellite lab, found on the 15th floor of Rhodes Tower, for those times when students are unable to use the RT1501 lab.