School of Health Sciences

Undergraduate Gerontology Studies Certificate

The Gerontology Studies Certificate is an interdisciplinary program designed primarily for students planning for a career in the field of aging. The emphasis is upon learning about aging as a basic human experience and as an important aspect of contemporary society.

Students wishing to earn a certificate in Gerontology Studies must complete an “Intent to Complete the Gerontology Studies Certificate Form” which is available online (link) or may be obtained from the Department of Health Sciences and submit this form to the Department of Health Sciences. 

In order to earn a certificate, students must complete a minimum of 15 semester credit hours which must include:

  • Introduction to Gerontology (Offered on a rotational basis by Health Sciences, Psychology, Nursing, or Social Work)
  • *Three electives: Choose from the following approved courses:

*Elective courses may have prerequisites which are not considered part of the certificate.

  • Capstone Project:  (3-6 credits )
    Students must complete either an internship, research or project offered by the Department of Health Sciences, Psychology, Nursing, or Social Work.
  • Advising:
    Students interested in pursuing the Certificate in Gerontology Studies should seek advising from the Department of Health Sciences.

Contact the Health Sciences Department at (216) 687-3567 for an appointment.