School of Health Sciences

Program Standards


Students accepted into the Graduate Program in Speech-Language Pathology have met or exceeded standards for admission to the College of Graduate Studies at Cleveland State University.  Despite these qualifications, students occasionally encounter difficulties with graduate study. 

The Department of Speech and Hearing is committed to actively assisting each student.  However, it is the responsibility of each student to monitor his/her progress on examinations, papers, and projects.  Poor academic performance (i.e., grades less than B on a midterm examination or in other course requirements) does not constitute sufficient grounds for granting late withdrawal from a course.The faculty reviews the academic progress of students pursuing an advanced degree in Speech-Language Pathology to: 

  1. determining that the students are making satisfactory progress in didactic and clinical coursework; and
  2. provide timely feedback in cases of concern.

Recommendation for continuance in, or dismissal from, the graduate program are made by faculty, staff, and are acted upon the Graduate Admissions and Standards Committee.  The department has adopted the following policies regarding satisfactory/unsatisfactory progresses.

Departmental Review

The faculty reviews the academic and clinical progress of students each semester.  Recommendations for continuation in the graduate program is based on satisfactory progress toward completion of the graduate degree.  Satisfactory progress is defined as "B" or better grades in all didactic and clinical courses.

Departmental Academic Warning

A graduate student is placed on departmental academic warning when that student receives a grade of less than "B" (i.e., a "B-" or less) in any single didactic or clinical course.  When a student is placed on departmental academic warning, that student must meet with their academic advisor or develop a plan to ensure that the student will take appropriate measures to maintain satisfactory performance.  This meeting must occur before the first day of classes the following semester.

Departmental Dismissal

Failure of any student to maintain satisfactory academic progress following departmental academic warning will result in their dismissal for a mandatory one full semester.  Therefore, a graduate student in the Speech-Language Pathology Program, having been placed on academic warning, will be dismissed from the department for one mandatory semester if that student receives

  1. a letter grade of "F" in any 400-800 level course; or
  2. a second grade of less than a "B" in any didactic or clinical course

Academic Re-Admission

A student dismissed from the department may not be re-admitted to the department until one full semester has elapsed.  A student desiring re-admission to the department must then submit a petition to the Department Graduate Admissions and Standards Committee.  The Committee shall act on the petition and make a recommendation to the Department Chairperson.  There is absolutely no guarantee that a student applying for readmission to the department will have his/her petition approved.  Furthermore, any decision made regarding readmission into the Graduate Program by the Department shall be final.In the event that the student applying for re-admission to the department has been dismissed from the Graduate College as well, their petition will not be considered by the Department until the student complies with readmission policies as specified by the Graduate College Catalogue.  Accordingly, mandatory dismissal by the Graduate College occurs if a student (in 400-800 level courses):

  1. receives a second grade of "F"; or 
  2. accumulates a total of 9 credit hours of less than "B" grades, and has a cumulative grade-point average below a 3.00

As further specified in the Graduate College Catalogue, for individuals wishing to return to the same Graduate Degrees Program following dismissal by the Graduate College, there must be a 3-year absence from the University before a reassessment petition can be submitted.  Academic reassessment petitions must have departmental support to be considered by the Graduate College Petitions Committee.  An academic reassessment petition may be granted only once in a student's career at Cleveland State University.  However, there is absolutely no guarantee that a student applying for re-admission via a reassessment petition to the Graduate College Petitions Committee will receive the support of the department.