School of Health Sciences

Physical Therapy (DPT) Supplemental Application

Supplement to Graduate Admissions Application for class beginning Spring, 2012

Cleveland State University DPT supplemental application procedure:

  1. Complete and submit PTCAS application.
  2. Complete the DPT Supplemental Application below, submitting on-line
  3. Send GRE scores to Cleveland State University (Code #1221)
  4. Complete CSU Graduate College’s On-line Application (must do on-line version of application) here. Application fee will be waived. Select box marked "Send check" to avoid the fee. DO NOT SEND A CHECK!
  5. Make an appointment to be advised by phone or in person if you have not been advised since August 2010 to review prerequisite courses. Click to schedule your appointment online.


Date of Application

Last Name First Name Initial


Have you been to Pre-PT Advising at CSU in the last year?    Yes No

A baccalaureate degree and all prerequisites for the Physical Therapy Program must be completed by the end of the Fall term before the applicant begins the PT Program. However, students may apply to the program prior to finishing all courses as long as they have finished at least five of the thirteen graded prerequisites courses or have been previously advised on this issue from CSU’s Pre-PT Advising.

Please list below the prerequisite classes that you have completed by December 2010.

  • When multiple courses fulfill a prerequisite course requirement, choose the course with the highest grade. For example: if you have taken two psychology courses and received A and B  respectively, use the course with the highest grade (the A in this example)
  • If you have taken a course multiple times, use the highest grade received. For example: If you took General Chemistry I and received a D+ and retook the course and received a B+, use the B+ for your calculations. Make sure to use the correct dates.
  • Refer to the Admissions Requirements and Frequently Asked Questions pages for clarification of whether a possible prerequisite course meets CSU’s prerequisite requirements


  Course Number & Title College/ University Date of Completion
Physics Course I
Physics Lab I (if separate)
Physics Course II
Physics Lab II (if separate)
Chemistry Course I
Chemistry Lab I (if separate)
Chemistry Course II
Chemistry Lab II (if separate)
General Biology
General Bio Lab I (if separate)
Physiology Lab (if separate)
Gross Anatomy
Cadaver Lab (if separate)
Neuroscience Lab (if separate)
Social/ Behavioral Science I
Social/ Behavioral Science II
Medical Terminology


Please list below your plan to complete additional prerequisite classes before January 2012. Include classes you plan to take Winter/Spring, Summer, and Fall semesters/quarters 2011.

Course Number
& Title
College/ University Anticipated Date of Completion or Fall Semester preceding PT


Before submitting this application, check to ensure that all of the following have been addressed:

Submission of completed Graduate Admissions on-line application OR International Students Admission on-line application

Completion of the Graduate Record Exam (Have scores sent to CSU Physical Therapy Program GRE Code # 1221)

Complete applications will be accepted beginning October 1, 2010 through February 15, 2011 for admission in Spring Semester, 2012.

(If you are unsure of any areas of the applications, please contact us at or call 216-687-3566)


In order to submit the application

  1. Fill in the application form and Print out for your record.
  2. Click SUBMIT button.

You will be notified when your application is complete.


You will receive an email from CSU’s College of Graduate Studies
to verify that the Graduate College has received your Graduate College On-line application