School of Health Sciences

MOT Program Curriculum

Curricular Overview

The Master of Occupational Therapy is an entry-level professional degree. It is designed to cover the breadth and depth of knowledge required for graduates to successfully complete fieldwork, pass the national Certification Exam administered by the National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy (, and become licensed to practice. Classes, which begin in the Fall term, are offered weekdays for five consecutive semesters, including summer. Six months of level II fieldwork follow in the Summer and Fall of the second year. The Master of Occupational Therapy curriculum consists of 79 to 81 credits, including 51 credits in the core area, 20 credits of fieldwork, 2 credits of service learning, and 6 to 8 credits of electives. A capstone research project is required as part of the core curriculum. The two-year program begins fall semester. A part-time option is available for students who wish to complete the program in three years.

MOT CURRICULUM - effective date Fall 2013

OTH 506 - Medical Conditions and Occupational Function (3) OTH 517 - OT Theory and Process (3) OTH 509- Designing Creative Occupations (2)
OTH 515 - Musculoskeletal Evaluation and Intervention (2) OTH 527 - Neurological Evaluation and Intervention (3) OTH 536-Occupation and Participation II (4)
OTH 516 - OT Foundations (4) OTH 529 - Sensory and Cognitive Evaluation and Intervention (3) OTH 556 OT Practicum/Psychosocial
OTH 518 - Occupational Development (4)  
OTH 528 - Psychosocial Evaluation and Intervention (3)
OTH 511 - Service Learning OTH 537 - Occupation and Participation III (3) OTH 595 - Level II Fieldwork (6)
OTH 535 - Occupation and Participation I (4)

OTH 559 - OT Practicum II (3)

HSC 558 - OT Practicum I (3) OTH 579 - OT Administration and Management (3)
OTH 569 - Occupational Environments (3) OTH 591 - OT Research II (2)
OTH 596 - Level II Fieldwork (6)

TOTAL = 79 - 81 credits


  • ELECTIVES - Students must complete 2 elective courses during any semester within the OT Program. Suggested semesters are noted above. OPTIONAL Level II FW would be offered in Spring III.

  • A student may use the optional 3rd elective fieldwork as one of the required elective courses in the curriculum.

  • Students are assigned to one semester of OTH 509, Designing Creative Occupations class, one semester of OTH 511, Service Learning, one semester of OTH 556,Practicum/Psychosocial, OTH 558 Practicum I class, and one semester of OTH 559 Practicum II class  at some point in the curriculum.