School of Health Sciences

Masters of Science in Health Sciences with a Track in Physician Assistant (PA) Science

Program Overview

The MSHS Program will offer a Track in Physician Assistant Science for students enrolled in the PA Program at Cuyahoga Community college (Tri-C). The PA track includes 36 graduated credit hours in the MSHS program at CSU and 59 credit hours in the PA program at Tri-C. These students need to be admitted into the PA Program at Tri-C and the MSHS Program at CSU at the same time.

This requires that they have already earned a bachelor’s degree and are eligible for admission to both programs. Students take courses in both programs simultaneously. The program of study in the MSHS Program consists of thirty-six credits. The MSHS degree with the Track in PA Science, along with the credential earned at Tri-C by completing the PA Program, will meet the licensing requirements for practice in Ohio.

Physician assistants seeking a master’s degree may also apply to this program and earn the MSHS degree with a Track in Physician Assistant Science.

For further information about the program or the Tri-C agreement, please visit the PA page on the Tri-C website.


Admission Requirements

Prerequisites: An applicant must hold a baccalaureate or advanced degree from an accredited institution and be a licensed healthcare professional or have a degree related to health sciences with plans to work in a healthcare setting and also the applicant should meet the prerequisites of PA Program at Tri-C.

Minimum G.P.A: 2.75 and applicants must also submit official transcripts for all colleges and universities attended and also able to meet the minimum GPA of PA Program at Tri-C.

GRE RequirementGraduate Record Examination (GRE) must be taken if the applicant's undergraduate GPA is below 3.0. All scores on the GRE must be at the 50th percentile or above for admission to the MSHS Program.

Degree Completion Requirements

The PA track includes 36 graduated credit hours in the MSHS program at CSU.


HSC 582 Pathophysiology I 4

HSC 583 Pathophysiology II 4

CHM-541 Pharmacology 3

BIO-538 Clinical Genetics 3

HSC-505 Culture and Healthcare 3

PHL-541 Clinical Issues in Bioethics 4

HSC-503 Research Methods in Health Sciences 3

HSC-510 Principles in Evidence-Based Medicine 3

HSC-501 Issues in Health Sciences 3

HSC-502 Leadership Roles in Health Sciences 3

HSC-692 Master’s Project 3

Remaining 59 credit hours should be completed from the courses offered in the PA program at Tri-C.