School of Health Sciences

Mission Statement and Strategic Plan Goals

Mission of the Occupational Therapy Program

The primary mission of the Occupational Therapy Program at Cleveland State University is to serve the occupational needs of Northeast Ohio citizens.
We provide superior education to our students who learn about this community and themselves through engaged learning and become competent occupation-based, client-centered service providers. Our view of the community includes those who access occupational therapy through traditional service systems and those citizens who are underserved. The education we provide is characterized by:

  • its accessibility to qualified students from the varied populations of this community;
  • instructional innovation;
  • extensive use of current technology, as appropriate;
  • the intellectual and emotional development of our students as professionals and life-long learners; and
  • involvement of our students in the scholarship of our discipline by preparing them for evidence-based practice.
  • the therapeutic use of self

We also serve the needs of the community by taking leadership in collaborating with a variety of community and University partners to:

  • conduct research relevant to occupational therapy;
  • promote innovation in service delivery;
  • consult on service planning, delivery, and evaluation;
  • provide services through service-learning; and
  • offer educational experiences for the health and human services workforce.

Strategic Plan Goals of the Occupational Therapy Program:

  • Make our program accessible to the citizens of Northeast Ohio
  • Prepare graduates for entry-level practice as competent generalists
  • Offer opportunities to develop knowledge and skill in specialized and emerging practice areas
  • Form partnerships within the community, the University, and internationally for research, education, and service
  • Develop, study, and teach occupation, its role in health  and wellness,  and its applications to intervention
  • Develop, study, and teach innovative technology for therapeutic and educational applications
  • Promote occupational therapy practice in a wide variety of settings
  • Provide leadership and service to the community to advocate for the rights and needs of consumers of our services.
  • Provide leadership in research in the community and internationally
  • Review Strategic Plan annually