School of Health Sciences

For Students

    1. Before Fieldwork

        a. Purpose and Value of Occuptional Therapy Fieldwork Education

        b. Clinical Education Calendar

        c. HSC 595/596 Syllabus

        d. Personal Data Sheet

        e. Fieldwork FAQ

        f. Fieldwork Survival Guide

        g. Affiliation Agreement
        h. Personal Inventory of Learning
        i. Blackboard Gateway

   2. During Fieldwork

       a. HSC595/596 Syllabus
       b. Clinical Experience Record    

       c. Midterm Fax Back Forms
            1) Student
            2) Fieldwork Educator

        d. Professional Growth Plan
        e. Student Evalution of Fieldwork Experience

        f. Blackboard Gateway

  3. After Fieldwork

       a. National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy
       b. Ohio Licensure Board

       c. CSU Career Services Center