School of Health Sciences

For Fieldwork Educators

    1. Level I Fieldwork/Practicum

        a. Practicum I Syllabus

        b. Practicum II Syllabus

        c. COE Guidelines for Level I Fieldwork

        d. Practicum Evaluation Forms
            1) Evaluation of Student Performance
            2) Student Evalution of Practicum Experience

   2. Level II Fieldwork

       a. Preparation for Fieldwork

            1) HSC595/596 Syllabus

            2) Steps to Starting a Fieldwork Program

            3) COE Guidelines for Level II Fieldwork

            4) Fieldwork Information for OT Practitioners

            5) AOTA Suggested Fieldwork Dates

            6) How to Create a Supportive Environment

            7) Fieldwork Data Form
       b. During Fieldwork     
            1) Weekly Meeting Outline

            2) Paperwork Checklist

            3) Midterm Fax Back Forms
                  i) Student
                 ii) Supervisor