School of Health Sciences

Graduate assistantships 1

Graduate assistantships are available for Fall and Spring semesters of the second year of the Program.  In return for 10 hours of work per week the graduate assistant receives tuition reimbursement for up to 9 credits.  Students must have a 3.0 undergraduate GPA, and must take a minimum of 8 credit hours during the semesters they work as graduate assistants. 

Applications for the assistantships are due March 15 (only first year already admitted students can apply). They will be provided to students in Spring Semester of the first year in the Program.   Most students wish to work Fall and Spring semesters, but students can request an assistantship for only one semester. There are no assistantships available for Summer Semesters.  Indicate skills and past experiences related to research, teaching, and administration.  Volunteer teaching experiences, typing speed, knowledge of statistical or administrative software such as Microsoft Office, and courses in research or teaching are examples of what we are looking for in the applications.

Students are primarily chosen based on the professional and undergraduate GPA, financial need, and match of skills with faculty needs.   

Finally, other departments on campus offer assistantships.  Our students have received assistantships from Career Services, Student Life, Graduate Admissions, Nursing, Health Services, and Undergraduate Advising.  These Departments have different procedures for applying, so please contact them if you are interested in assistantships outside of the Health Sciences Department.   A listing of all campus jobs including assistantships and student part-time employment is available through the CSU Financial Aid Dept. at ialaid/employment/oncampus.html

To learn more about CSU Graduate Assistantships visit the University Graduate Assistantship pages.