Diversity Management Specialization M.A.

Vision & Mission Statement

Vision Statement

The Diversity Management Program strives to create empowered culturally prepared leaders who can advance the organizational and financial success of their workplaces and communities.

Diverse group of professionals engaged

Mission Statement

The mission of the MA-Diversity Management Program is to facilitate the professional transformation of leaders. By creatively disrupting the conventional approach to leadership development the program provides highly qualified, visionary leaders and provides a platform for taking their organizational capabilities to the next level.

The program achieves its mission by teaching participants how to:

  • Identify their own blind spots
  • Push beyond their self-perceived limitations
  • Challenge assumptions
  • Unravel complexity
  • Develop creative problem solving skills
  • Cultivate inclusion in order to fully realize organizational goals
  • Explore novel ways of engaging with others
  • Increase cross cultural agility
  • Think and behave in a manner that positively impacts organizational success

Phone: 216-687-2587 Email: diversityprogram@csuohio.edu