Diversity Management Specialization M.A.

Diversity Management Specialization M.A.

The first and only program in the country combining cultural competence with leadership development.

A stylized globe set in green tonesThis signature program exposes mid-career adults to the latest research and best practices through engaging instruction and insightful guidance, integrating cross cultural knowledge with skill focused leadership development. Graduates leave the program with the knowledge and abilities necessary to successfully impact a diverse and continuously changing work environment.

Exceptional leadership is not a haphazard process. Come learn with us and increase your leadership value.

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Graduate of our program Dan

"DMP provides the Police Officers with a working knowledge and useful skill sets in areas that may sometimes be overlooked in the public safety training arena and I highly recommed it."  Dan Veloski, Chief of Police Metroparks Click to read more about Dan Veloski

Develop the following culturally intelligent leadership competencies:

  • Global cultural skills
  • Executive presence
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Effective conflict management
  • Enhanced social awareness
  • Leadership versatility
  • Capacity to cope with ambiguity

Learn How to:

  • Lead change successfully
  • Transform resistance into readiness
  • Use team conflict to create team advantage
  • Understand the influence of culture on team performance
  • Create work climates that increase engagement and improve productivity
  • Leverage diversity and inclusion to drive innovation
  • Engage in multi directional strategic management

Phone: 216-687-2587 Email: diversityprogram@csuohio.edu

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Lisa Gaynier on Newsnet 5 Kaleidoscope with Keith Benjamin

South Euclid's Community Service Director, Keith Benjamin, and Program Director Lisa Gaynier discuss the need for culturally competent leadership and communication training for public officials and first responders to Newsnet5!

Program Highlights

  • Executive MBA style format
  • Designed for busy professionals
  • Class meets one weekend a month for 21 months
  • All inclusive affordable fee
  • Experienced faculty with global expertise
  • Hands on learning environment with carefully crafted curriculum
  • Network with other talented professionals from business, healthcare, education, non-profit and government agencies


“The CSU Diversity Management curriculum is a powerful program, enabling great awareness of cultural differences. By adapting the diversity philosophies to my corporate position, I became a more effective Director.” –Deborah R. Pickens, Director, Eaton Corporation


Manage effectively in complex global business environments

This premier program was founded almost 20 years ago in partnership with leaders of the Cleveland Roundtable. Program participants develop and enhance leadership skills for guiding organizations of every size and category. They develop the presence, critical change leadership, and cultural competence skills necessary to sucessfully lead organizations.

The program combines the rigorous challenge of scholastic discipline with hands-on skill development. Through classroom instruction, hands-on learning experiences and practical real-world application, participants learn the essentials of harnessing group dynamics and conflict for innovation, and strategically managing competing interests.

There are two options:

  • The Master’s degree in Diversity Management (40 credits)
  • The Graduate Certificate (18 credits) for professionals who already hold an advanced degree.

All graduates also earn certification as Diversity Professionals (CDP).

A list of courses can be found in the Graduate Catalog.