Talk Medical Physics
Cleveland State University
A Student Colloquium

    “Talk Medical Physics” is a student colloquium at Cleveland State that gives students an opportunity to present a topic in Medical Physics. The talks are organized by students and are usually presented every other week. The goal is to motivate students to research a topic of interest in medical physics as well as give the student speaker an opportunity to practice public speaking in an open environment among their peers. Students speakers advance their own knowledge about Medical Physics and also the knowledge of the audience. These goals were inspired by student talks at California State University of Fullerton. “Talk Medical Physics” presentations will be available through this link and flyers for upcoming talks will be posted throughout the physics department at Cleveland State.

    For more information please contact Cristina Medina at c.medina22@

Presenter: Cristina Medina
Basic Mammography[PDF]
April 7, 2005

Presenter: Erika Stewart
Quality Assurance for Radiation Therapy[PDF]
April 21, 2005

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