Statistical Physics

PHY475: Statistical Physics, Spring 2011

Instructor: Miron Kaufman
OFFICE: SI-116, Email:

Class meets on: M and W 4:00-5:50PM in SI-147.
Prerequisites: PHY330 and PHY474.
Textbook: Callen: Thermodynamics and an Introduction to Thermostatistics; Kaufman Statistical Physics Computational Projects
Recomended Books: Schroeder An Introduction to Thermal Physics, Espinola Introduction to Thermophysics, Zemansky and Dittman Heat and Thermodynamics; Morse Thermal Physics; Reif Statistical and Thermal Physics, Huang Statistical Mechanics

The final grade is a weighted average of:

Part of the course is a project in the computer lab of the Physics Department SI-117A. We will work nontrivial problems in Statistical Physics by using MathCAD on the following dates:

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