COURSE: Special Topics: Monte-Carlo Techniques, PHY493/593





My goals in this course are to teach:

The prerequisite for this course is one year of University Physics PHY241,242. Each student should purchase from the Bookstore: "Monte-Carlo Techniques Computational Projects" Miron Kaufman.


The course consists of computer sessions each Monday from 6PM to 8PM in the Physics Department Computer LabSI-117A. We are going to use the Mathcad software package.


Tentative Schedule:

SESSION 1, 2, 3: MathCad Tutorial; Random Numbers; Applications:Compute p; Compute volume of truncated cone; Compute volume of hypersphere in D dimensions.

SESSION 4: Generating Pseudo-Random Numbers;

SESSION 5: Descriptive Statistics; Bernoulli and Normal Distributions; Histograms; Simulations of the classical probabilities problems proposed by Chevalier de Mere.

SESSION 6: Image Processing;

SESSION 7: Radioactive Decay and Poisson distribution;

SESSION 8, 9, 10: Random walks; Ideal Gas in 2d and 3d; Entropy Law Einstein-Smoluchowsky Law of Diffusion

SESSION 11: Cellular Automaton; Fractals; Game of Life

SESSION 12, 13: Ising Model and Metropolis Method, Neural Networks

SESSION 14, 15: Chain Reactions and Critical Mass.


GRADING is based on the percentage of computer projects successfully completed and on attendance record.


Newton's portrait needed for Lab#7.

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