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Ulrich Zurcher, PhD
Assistant Professor, Department of Physics
Cleveland State University - SI 120
Ph: (216) 687-2429, Email:

1985 Diploma in Physics, University of Basel, Switzerland
1989 PhD in Theoretical Physics, University of Basel, Switzerland

I am interested to apply topics from algebra-based introductory physics to biology and medicine.
Topics covered in PHY 231/2 include:
How does the speed of walking and running depend on the size of the animal?
Metabolism in mammals
What limits the height of plants and trees?
What is the role of surface tension to the physiology of lungs?
Blood circulation in animals and insects
Compound eye of insects
and many others

A brief description of this course was published in the Fall 06 0 Spring 07 newsletter of the APS Forum on Education link pdf


COURSES – Fall 09

College Physics with Biomedical Applications

Introduction to Theoretical Physics


(1) Theoretical models for supercooled liquids and glasses. Robert Zwanzig proposed [Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. (USA) 85, 2029 (1988)] a simple model for the origin of super-Arrhenius temperature dependence of relaxation rates, r~exp[(e/T)^2]. Zwanzig's model describes the diffusion in a rough potential of a particle in one spatial dimension. I examine how this model can be applied to multi-dimensional systems.

(2) Nonlinear analysis of electromyography [EMG] time series:
[with Drs. Paul Sung and Miron Kaufman]. We find that the EMG signal exhibits time-correlations on intermediate timescales [50 ms < t < 0.5 s] that give rise to a plateau-like behavior of the mean-square displacement. We show that the plateau-value can be used to characterize the signal that is complementary to methods derived from the power spectrum.


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