Mathematics Department


Computer Labs

The Mathematics Department computer lab is situated on the 15th floor of Rhodes Tower located close to faculty offices. It was first installed during the summer/fall of 1994 by a grant from the National Science Foundation and has been upgraded recently.

The Mathematics Computer Lab concludes a Main Lab in RT 1501 and a Satellite Lab in RT 1533.

The Main Lab (RT 1501) currently consists of 30 Dell Dimension series PCs (upgraded Fall 2006) along with six laser printers. The Satellite Lab (1533) consists 8 similar Dell Dimension series PCs with 40GB Value Hard Drive.

Software available in the lab includes Adobe Reader, Cabri Geometry II, Geometry Pad, Maple , MatLab, Scientific Word, Microsoft Office, SAS, SPSS, LINDO, LOGO, Phaser and Web browsers Internet Explorer and Netscape. The lab is wired directly to the fiber-optic backbone of the campus. A PC projector is available for in-class teaching.


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