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There are several computer facilities located throughout the College of Science. Health Sciences has 30 terminals available for student and instructional use.

For more information about this lab, visit the Computer Lab website.

Speech Accoustics and Perception Lab

speech accoustics lab

Research lab in Speech Acoustics & Perception is housed in the Department of Speech and Hearing at Cleveland State University. This laboratory comprises of a team of speech-language pathologists and speech scientists who conduct research on basic and applied speech and hearing issues.

Research in this laboratory investigates cross-language aspects of speech production and perception. Current projects address foreign-accented English with the goal to determine factors that relate to the production and perception of “accentedness”.

For more information about this lab, visit the Speech Accoustics page.

Speech & Hearing Clinic

The Cleveland State University Speech and Hearing Clinic is an on-campus clinic serving assessment and intervention needs for individuals (75+/week) across the life span with speech-language-cognitive-audiological concerns. 

All therapy and diagnostic services are provided by graduate students or upper level undergraduate students from the Department of Speech and Hearing.  All student work is directly supervised by a licensed and certified speech-language pathologist and/or audiologist.

For more information about this lab, visit the Speech & Hearing Clinic page.

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