School of Health Sciences

Computer Labs

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There are several computer facilities located throughout the College of Science. The following labs are available for College of Science students and/or College of Science instruction:  

  • Biological, Geological, and Environmental Sciences: computers in Teaching Assistant/graduate student offices, course labs, and library. In addition, BGES houses a large format printer which can be used to print posters for research displays.
  • Health Sciences: 30 terminals available for student and instructional use.
  • Mathematics: (RT 1501) 33 terminals (and a satellite lab with 10 terminals in RT1530) used for instructional purposes in a wide range of courses.
  • Physics: (SI 117A) 16 terminals available for student use when not in use for instruction.
  • Psychology: (CB 13) 20 terminals used for statistics and other instructional needs. 
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