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What kinds of students are currently enrolled in the Master of Science in Health Sciences?

Students from a variety of health professions are now taking courses in the MSHS degree program at Cleveland State University. These include: occupational therapy, physical therapy, medical technology, with a variety of specializations, nursing, physician assistant, dietetics, athletic training, imaging technology, community health, and health care administration.

What these students tend to share is innate intellectual curiosity, a high degree of personal motivation, and a concern for professional achievement and service.

Why are these students enrolled in the MSHS program?

The reasons that students give for seeking the Master of Science in Health Sciences are almost as numerous as the individual students. However, it is possible to categorize some of these reasons.

Many students are seeking to advance their professional careers. They find themselves at a stage where upward mobility is difficult without a graduate degree. Some are attracted by the multidisciplinary nature of the program. They report that learning about the perspectives of other health professions - from fellow students as well as the coursework - is crucial in today's health care environment, where "teaming" and "multiskilling" are important concepts.

Other students are attracted to the MSHS by the intellectual challenges it presents. For some, obtaining a graduate degree has long been a personal or professional goal, and they have seized the opportunity to pursue this dream.

Would I benefit from the MSHS degree program?

The degree to which one benefits from graduate education depends on three factors: the student's ability and willingness to work at learning, the student's expectations, and the quality of the educational program.

You must evaluate yourself in terms of your ability and willingness to work; are you sufficiently motivated to take full advantage of this learning opportunity?

With regard to your expectations, ask yourself the following. Are you intellectually curious, do you want to learn more about the health sciences? Are you self-motivated? Are you seeking new career options in health care? Is research valued by you or in your career track? Does your career deal broadly with health care or health issues? If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, you probably can benefit from the Master of Science in Health Sciences since your expectations are appropriate for the program.

Indicators of the quality of the MSHS program include: the reputation of the School of Health Sciences at Cleveland State University; the achievements of the full-time faculty who teach these graduate courses; and our continuing commitment to provide only the highest quality educational offerings to meet the needs of health professionals. While the online MSHS is a new and innovative degree, our tradition of excellence has existed for decades.

What is the history of health sciences at Cleveland State University?

The School of Health Sciences has been educating Occupational Therapists and Physical Therapists for 25 years, and the development of the multidisciplinary MSHS is an extension of CSU's commitment to the education of health professionals. More than a thousand CSU alumni are practicing health professionals in the Cleveland area and around the world. Cleveland is a world-class center for health care and the insistence on high quality professionals by local research institutions and health care providers has always challenged CSU to maintain a commitment to excellence.

Recently the Cleveland Clinic Foundation joined with Cleveland State University to form the Cleveland Health Institute. This partnership formalizes a long-time commitment of these two institutions to work together in research and educational endeavors. As a result, students in our department, including the online MSHS, will realize increasing opportunities to benefit from the cutting-edge advances in health care technology available through the Cleveland Clinic Health system. Over the past few years, health care in the United States has been nationalized in many ways. Now we are on the brink of a global system for the provision of health care. The Cleveland Health Institute and the online Master of Science in Health Sciences are two indicators of CSU's intent to be a major player in this new network by preparing tomorrow's leaders in the health professions.

How do I know if I have the technical knowledge and skills required for success in an online program?

No highly technical skills are required for courses in the online MSHS. If you can navigate the Web and use email, you probably have all the skills required to succeed. In addition, for most courses, you will need to be able to use a bulletin board and chatroom, save documents in html or text only format, send an attachment, and use a search engine (e.g., Alta Vista, Lycos or Yahoo). If you aren't comfortable with these actions, you might want to practice prior to the start of your first course. For example, you can use the bulletin board and chatroom functions within the sample course, HSC 007, as well as explore options on the Web.

How do I know if I have the right computer equipment?

See the CSU guidelines for minimum and recommended computer equipment. In addition, some courses may require a soundcard, a CD drive, a VCR or an audio cassette player. In most cases, any required software can be downloaded at no cost.

How do I know if I am the kind of person who could benefit from online education?

For the most part, the characteristics required for success in graduate education apply to online and on-campus courses. To be a successful graduate student you must be self-disciplined, able to manage your time effectively, work independently and take responsibility for your own learning outcomes. You must be self-directed, goal-driven and have a high degree of initiative - that is, you must want to learn. Finally, you must be highly proficient in written communication successfully to complete the many written projects required in graduate education. The MSHS is a research-oriented program and you must complete independent research projects for every course, as well as conduct significant independent research for the capstone project at the end of your studies.

How will I communicate with my instructor?

While the preferred means of communication may vary with the individual instructor, you may use email, chatrooms, and bulletin boards, as well as telephone, FAX and traditional mail.

How will I communicate with other students?

Each course will have specific procedures and technologies to accomplish the goals of the specific course. These include email, chatrooms, and bulletin boards, as well as telephone, FAX and traditional mail.

Will there be any on-campus meetings?

There will be no on-campus meetings for any course in the MSHS program except for HSC 504 Seminar in Health Sciences Professions. This course is designed as an intensive 10-day experience on the CSU campus in Cleveland, Ohio. The seminar will provide opportunities for interaction with your advisor to discuss your capstone research project. In addition, seminar participants will share reports on individual research, and explore the latest technological advances available in Cleveland's world class medical facilities.

How will assignments and exams be submitted and returned?

Each course has specific procedures to best accomplish the goals of the course. In most cases, assignments and exams are done electronically, either interactively through WebCT or submitted as email or attachments.

What assistance can I expect from the computer Help Desk?

Help Desk personnel are available to assist with technical questions and problems. However, ultimately you are responsible for your own equipment and knowing how to use it.

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