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Edward W. Morley Medal


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2014 - Morley Medal :

The Cleveland Section of the American Chemical Society wishes to congratulate
Stuart Rowan
Department of Macromolecular Science and Engineering
Case Western Reserve University

Stuart Rowan

The Morley address and medal will be presented on Wed. May 21 at John Carroll University as part of the ACS/SAS/AVS May Conference

2014 Morley Address:
Structurally dynamic polymers: Using reversible bonds to access macroscopically-responsive materials

Stuart J. Rowan
Department of Macromolecular Science and Engineering, Case Western Reserve University, 2100 Adelbert Road, OH 44106, USA.

The dynamic bond can be defined as any class of bond that selectively undergoes reversible breaking/reformation, usually under equilibrium conditions. The incorporation of dynamic bonds (which can be either covalent or non-covalent) allows access to structurally dynamic polymers. These polymers can exhibit macroscopic responses upon exposure to an environmental stimulus, on account of a rearrangement of the polymeric architecture.  In such systems the nature of the dynamic bond not only dictates which stimulus the material will be responsive to but also plays a role in the response itself. Thus such a design concept represents a molecular level approach to the development of new stimuli-responsive materials. We have been interested in the potential of such systems to access new material platforms and have developed a range of new mechanically stable, structurally dynamic polymer films that change their properties in response to a given stimulus, such as temperature, light or specific chemicals. Such materials have allowed access to healable plastics, actuating films, chemical sensors, thermally responsive hydrogels, shape memory materials and bio-inspired mechanically dynamic biomedical implants. Our latest result in this area will be discussed.

Click here for a brief bio of Prof. Rowan

About the Morley Medal :

The Cleveland Section annually sponsors a regional award, which consists of the Morley Medal and an honorarium of $2,000. The next presentation of the Morley Medal will take place at the meeting of the Cleveland Section ACS in May 2014. The award is presented at a banquet, at which time the recipient will deliver the Edward W. Morley Lecture for that year. Travel expenses for the medalist and spouse will be provided.

    The purpose of the award is to recognize significant contributions to chemistry through achievements in research, teaching, engineering, research administration and public service, outstanding service to humanity, or to industrial progress.

    The area of eligibility includes those parts of the United States and Canada within about 250 miles of Cleveland. The contributions for which the award is given should have been made by the awardee when a resident of this area, or if a major contribution was made elsewhere, the nominee should have continued to make contributions while a resident of this area.  Nominations may be made by any member of the American Chemical Society, The Chemical Society or the Chemical Institute of Canada.



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