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Younger Chemists Committee
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Benefits and resources available to younger chemists as ACS Members. 
Finding Employment
  ACS Careers Job Database
  ACS Careers
  C&EN Classifieds
  Academic Employment Initiative
 Salary Comparator
 ACS Network
  Local Section Meetings
  Regional Meetings
  National Meetings
Advancing Your Career
  Career Development workshops
  Career Consultants
  Short courses, online courses
  Leadership training

Funding Resources
  Petroleum Research Fund
and other research grants
Women Chemists Committee
bullet Student Chapter National Meeting Travel Grant
bullet Division of Organic Chemistry Undergraduate Travel Award
bullet Undergraduate Research in Polymer Science Symposium

Keeping Current
  Chemical & Engineering News
  CAS products (SciFinder, STN)
  National and joint international meetings
Personal Benefits
  Member Insurance Program
  Travel discounts
Supporting Diversity
  Project SEED
  ACS Scholars Program
  Under-represented Minorities
  Chemists With Disabilities
  Collaboration/partnerships with
“minorities- focused” organizations
Impacting Government
  Legislative Action Network
  Policy Priorities
Changing Public Perception
  National Chemistry Week
  Chemists Celebrate Earth Day
  Kids & Chemistry
ACS Careers Blog
ACS Careers Blog
Each week articles are added relating experiences and advice about working in the chemical enterprise.

Leadership Development Award for Younger Chemists
Participants at Leadership Development Workshop
The YCC Leadership Development Workshops are designed to help young chemists develop into highly skilled leaders in the ACS and in their chosen profession.
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