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2012 Chemluminary Award for Outstanding On-Going National Chemistry Week Event

Cleveland Local Section

For the 24th year in a row, the Cleveland Section continues to organize their National Chemistry Week event which is an engaging hands-on program that puts chemistry in the context of a water park visit by Milli and Avogadro, the principal characters in the annual storylines.

Cleveland ACS

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Chemistry Rocks!
Oct. 22-28, 2017

NCW Volunteer Needs

Volunteer efforts are in support of our annual NCW Chemistry Demonstration Program in October for children in grades 2-5 at branches of the Cuyahoga County Public library system. These include:

Planning Committee - Meets twice monthly to plan the October NCW Demonstration Program. Selects annual experiments and create the program script.

GAK Day(Grand Assembly of Kits Day) Volunteers meet for several hours on a Saturday to assemble program materials into kits.

Program assistants during NCW help experienced demonstrators in conducting programs.

GAK day!
Sat. Sept. 9, 2017

John Carroll University
Dolan Science Center
W318 (west wing, 3rd floor)

Dress Rehersal
Sat. Oct. 7, 2017
John Carroll University
Dolan Science Center
W318 (west wing, 3rd floor)

Click here for the 2017 Script (with corrections made).

Click here for the list of Errata (applies to the printed script).

Click here for notes from dress rehearsal (additional corrections, suggestions).

Click here for the "Your rock collection" handout.

Click here for the "Rock cycle for kids" handout.

Click below for the Dress Rehearsal videos (3 parts).

Part 1 (54:53)

Part 2 (20:53)

Part 3 (12:17)

Photos from Dress Rehearsal

To the right is a picture of the Presenter station. Below are two photos showing student table stations.
2017 Presenter set up
2017 Student set up1 2017 Student set up 2





Up Next

NCW 2017
Dress Rehearsal

When:  Oct. 7, 2017. 9am-noon. See volunteer page for more info Contact Bob Fowler for more info.



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