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Chemistry Olympiad

High School Chemistry Olympiad is Alive and Well!

   The Cleveland Section of American Chemical Society (ACS) held it’s annual local, high School Chemistry Olympiad on March 21st 2009, at Cleveland State University.  
A total of seventy six students from ten high schools competed in the preliminary examination.  Eleven top scoring students from eight high schools advanced to the National portion of the Olympiad.
The 2009 U.S. National Chemistry Olympiad took place on April 24th, 2009.  This was an all day affair. Two written exams were administered in the morning, and a lab/practical took place in the afternoon.  Exam responses were mailed promptly for scoring and ranking by ACS National.

In late May, the following results were mailed to the Olympiad Coordinator:  Adytia Kalluri (North Olmsted High School) placed in the Honors category (within top 50) and Anna Easterday (Chardon High School) placed in the High Honors category (top 150)

                                    Submitted by:
                                                Anne O’Connor
                                                Coordinator, HS Chemistry Olympiad, ACS
                                                Cleveland State University





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