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March Meeting

Meeting in Miniature

Wednesday, March 11, 2015
Notre Dame College, South Euclid, OH

2:30 pm Registration Begins
3-5:15 pm Technical Sessions
5:30 pm Plenary Address
6:30 pm Dinner followed by Awards Ceremony

Venus in a bottle: Simulating Interactions Between the Crust and Atmosphere of Venus (and Venus-like Exoplanets)
Ralph Harvey, Senior Fellow, NASA Glenn Research Center Assoc. Professor, Case Western Reserve University

Both historical and current investigations of Venus suggest that atmosphere/rock interactions may play a critical role in the evolution of that planet's atmosphere and crust, particularly in producing or maintaining that planet's thick CO2-rich atmosphere in its current massive greenhouse state. Using GEER (the Glenn Extreme Environment Rig) we are exploring such interactions by creating "Venus in a Bottle"- mixing plausible Venus surface simulants with a high-fidelity recreation of that planet's thick, hot and corrosive atmosphere. These "naturalistic" simulations complement prior and ongoing highly constrained experiments and help us understand the messy and complex nature of Venus' rocks, atmosphere and history.

Please RSVP to John Moran by email at by 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, Mar 4 with one of three dinner choices: chicken, salmon, or Portobello mushroom ravioli.

We now can take credit card payments, checks made out to “Cleveland ACS,” or cash. $20 for members and guests, $10 for retirees or unemployed, $5 for students. .




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