Chemistry Department

Affiliated Faculty Information

Cleveland Clinic Professors, Clinical Faculty and Adjunct Faculty 

Alex Almassan, Ph.D. 

Sipra Banerjee, Ph.D. 

Kulbinder Banger, Ph.D. 

Kathleen Berkner, Ph.D. 

Robert Bonomo, M.D.

Graham Casey, Ph.D. 

Guy Chisolm, Ph.D.  

John Crabb, Ph.D. 

Paul DiCorleto, Ph.D. 

Joseph DiDonato, Ph.D. 

Donna Driscoll, Ph.D. 

Serpil Erzurum, Ph.D. 

Maria Febbraio, Ph.D. 

Paul Fox, Ph.D. 

Ram Ganapathi, Ph.D.

Manjula Gupta, Ph.D. 

S. Jaharul Haque, Ph.D. 

Stanley Hazen, Ph.D. 

Michael Ip, Ph.D. 

Donald Jacobsen, Ph.D. 

Sadashiva Karnik, Ph.D. 

Michael Kinter, Ph.D. 

Andrew Larner, Ph.D.

Thomas McIntyre, Ph.D.

Jerry Mundell, Ph.D.
Basic Science Bldg (SI), Rm. 332
Phone: 216.523.7310

Richard Padgett, Ph.D. 

Edward Plow, Ph.D. 

Jun Qin, Ph.D. 

Alan Riga, Ph.D.
Basic Science Bldg (SI), Rm. 329
Phone: 216.523.7312

Robert Silverman, Ph.D. 

Roy Silverstein, Ph.D. 

Jonathan Smith, Ph.D. 

George Stark, Ph.D. 

Dennis Stuehr, Ph.D.  

Bruce Trapp, Ph.D. 

Sihe Wang, Ph.D.

Qing Wang, Ph.D. 

Satya Yadav, Molecular Biotechnology Core, Cleveland Clinic 

Boris Zaslavsky, Ph.D.

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Cleveland State University
Department of Chemistry
2121 Euclid Avenue, SR 397
Cleveland, OH 44115-2214
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Science & Research
Room 397
Phone: 216-687-2451
Fax: 216.687.9298

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