Some images from the annual Thielker / Lewis / Mal undergraduate awards ceremony (7 May 2010):

Girish Shukla, Fasong Yuan, Megan McGervey, Jeff Dean, Claire Stansbury, Max Koran, LeeAnn Westfall, Ken Safranek, Julie Wolin, Mike Walton, Pete Clapham
Claire Stansbury, Jeff Dean Jeff Dean, Megan McGervey
Jeff Dean, Megan McGervey, Girish Shukla
Max Koran, Fasong Yuan, Jeff Dean LeeAnn Wesftall, Jeff Dean
MIke Walton, Ken Safranek Max Koran, Fasong Yuan
Elanor Truett, Jeff Dean LeeAnn Westfall, Pete Clapham


Jeff Dean, Megan McGervey, Max Koran, Claire Stansbury, LeeAnn Westfall, Ken Safranek


Awardees [faculty research advisors/sponsors]

Doretta C. Thielker Award (Biology)
Megan McGervey [Girish Shukla/Jeff Dean]
Claire Stansbury [Jeff Dean]

Tarun K. Mal Award (EVS)
Max Koran [Fasong Yuan]
LeeAnn Westfall [Pete Clapham/Julie Wolin]
Ken Safranek [Mike Walton]

Thomas L. Lewis (Geology)
Charles Truett, presented to Eleanor Truett [the Geology faculty & students]





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