Some images from the annual Thielker / Lewis / Mal undergraduate awards ceremony (25 April 2008):

Student awardees
Bob Krebs, John Hook, Jeff Dean Bob Krebs, John Hook
Mike Walton, Kyle Koloini, Bob Krebs Mike Walton, Kyle Koloini, Jeff Dean
Katherine Smetana, Jeff Dean
Mike Walton, Angela Stuczka, Jeff Dean


Erick Butler, Julie Wolin, Jeff Dean Mike Walton, Erick Butler, Julie Wolin
Julie Wolin, Dawn Minnick, Jeff Dean Julie Wolin, Dawn Minnick
Students and advisors


Awardees [faculty research advisors/sponsors]

Doretta C. Thielker Award (Biology)
Imaan Benmerzouga [Bibo Li]
John Hook [Bob Krebs]
Kyle Koloini[Paul Doerder/Mike Walton]
Katherine Smetana[Crystal Weyman]
Angela Stuczka [Mike Walton]

Tarun K. Mal Award (EVS)
Erick Butler [Mike Walton/Julie Wolin]
Dawn Minnick [Julie Wolin]

Thomas L. Lewis (Geology)
not awarded this year





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