Some images from the annual Thielker / Lewis / Mal undergraduate awards ceremony (4 May 2007):

Tarun K. Mal awardees
Dan Gouch with Bob Krebs and Jeff Dean Dorothea and Crystal
Dorothea, Crystal, and Sarah Dorothea, Teri, and Sarah
Ynes and Julie Sean and Tobili


the Chair
Erin with Bob Krebs and Jeff Dean <empty>Melinda and Abbed
Sarah and Crystal Ynes and Julie

Students [faculty research advisors/sponsors]

Doretta C. Thielker Award (Biology)
Dorothea Craciunescu [Crystal Weyman]
Sean Gaines [Tobili Sam-Yellowe]
Sarah Milosek [Crystal Weyman]

Tarun K. Mal Award (EVS)
Ynes Arocho [Julie Wolin]
Dan Gouch [Bob Krebs]
Erin Steiner [Pete Clapham/Bob Krebs]

Thomas L. Lewis (Geology)
Melinda Stahl [Abbed Babaei]





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