Field Ecology for Teachers
The "Field Ecology for Teachers" program is an educational outreach by academic ecologists and environmental scientists to the K-12 schools of NE Ohio. The program provides equipment and expert guidance for the development and implementation of terrestrial and aquatic ecological studies as part of K-12 science curricula.

 Program Elements
Portable Laboratory, including equipment for water and soil chemistry analyses and biological surveys in aquatic and terrestrial habitats.


Consultation Services provided by CSU research faculty to provide information and guidance for the development and implementation of research projects, data analysis, and presentation of results.
Trained Research Technicians, undergraduate and graduate student researchers trained in aquatic and terrestrial ecology will accompanyand provide assistance with using the portable laboratory.

Study Protocols in Urban Ecology, background information and study protocols for ecological studies in urban settings. These exercises have been field-tested and developed in collaboration with practicing teachers. Project topics include measurement of biodiversity, stream ecology, invasive species, and urban wildlife population estimation.
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