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In the pursuit of flies, travels to San Carlos, Mexico, January, 2000.

From top to bottom, left to right, (1) our field site with the Grand Titons of San Carlos in the background.  (2) the same peaks from our apartment, (3) collecting just east of the airport from Cardon cactus with Sergio from Ariz. State, (4) Angel collecting from organ pipe, (5) what we had hoped to find, rots of cactus with abundant flies, (6) Zac, very relaxed, (7) where not to park when collecting, and all hail the dumping of packing crates in the middle of no-where (8) 22 oz. steaks at about $3 a pound.


Mexico site A Mexico view A
cactus 1 angel 1
Mohave Zac
sand A steak A