Cellular and Molecular Medicine Specialization

CMMS Fellowship

Students admitted to CMMS program may apply to a 2-year CMMS Research Assistantship/Fellowship (currently available only to students working at Cleveland State University laboratories).

Applicants to CMMS fellowship award should submit:

1.  CMMS_fellowship_application_form.doc.

2.   Transcript (unofficial).

3.   At least one letter of Recommendation (i.e. from the Research Advisor).

4.   One page statement of research goals, current progress on project, and

impact of the research fellowship on their graduate career.

5.    Up-to-date CMMS student record form (see admission information) must be on file.


Please note that students are expected to pass their candidacy exam at a time of award start.


Applications are currently welcome for 2015-2017 award cycle.

Application Deadline: April 30, Thursday 5 pm, EST. 

Felowships will start in Fall 2015.

Next award period: 2017-2019.


Applications should be sent via e-mail to Dr. Anton A. Komar, CMMS Director, e-mail: a.komar@csuohio.edu, or delivered in person.