Cellular and Molecular Medicine Specialization

Faculty and Research Area


Name Research Area
Alex Almasan, Ph.D.[Bio/Chem]]
Cancer Biology, CC
Molecular Mechanisms of Cell Cycle Control and Cell Death following Genotoxic Stress.
David Anderson, Ph.D. [Chem]
Clinical-Bioanalytical Chemistry, CSU
HPLC and Mass spectrometry Studies of Fibrinogen and Fibrinogen Degradation Products.
Sipra Banerjee, Ph.D. [Chem]
Cancer Biology, CC
Molecular Mechanisms in Initiation and Development of Human Cancer.

Mekki Bayachou, Ph.D. [Chem]
Clinical-Bioanalytical Chemistry, CSU

Conformation, Orientation and Electrochemical Mechanisms of Immobilized Metalloproteins
Joanne Belovich, Ph.D. [ABE]
Applied Biomedical Engineering, CSU
Bioreactor Design, Modeling of Transport and Kinetics in a Bioartificial Pancreas. 
Valentin Boerner, Ph.D.[Bio]
Biological, Geological and Environmental Sciences, CSU
Functional relationship between chromosome organization on the microscopic level and DNA transitions on the molecular level
Martha Cathcart, Ph.D. [Bio/Chem]
Cell Biology, CC
Molecular Mechanisms of Human Monocyte Activation, Migration and Lipid Oxidation.
George Chatzimavrondis, Ph.D.[ABE]
Applied Biomedical Engineering, CSU 
Cardiovascular Mechanics, Development of MRI and Doppler Ultrasound Techniques for Cardiovascular Disease Diagnosis.
Guy Chisolm, Ph.D.[Chem]
Cell Biology, CC
Lipoprotein-cell Interactions, Lipoprotein Oxidation and Vascular Diseases.
Paul DiCorleto, Ph.D.[Bio/Chem]
Cell Biology, CC
Regulation of Endothelial Cell Gene Expression.
Karthy Derwin , Ph.D. [ABE]
Applied Biomedical Engineering, CC
Donna Driscoll, Ph.D. [Chem] 
Cell Biology, CC
Posttranscriptional Regulation of Gene expression.
Stan Duraj, Ph.D.[Chem]
Clinical-Bioanalytical Chemistry, CSU
Bioinorganic Chemistry of Vitamin B-12.
Paul Fox, Ph.D.[Bio/Chem]
Cell Biology, CC
Influence of Pro-inflammatory Molecules in Atherosclerosis and Anemia.

Valentin Gogonea, Ph.D. [Chem]
Clinical-Bioanalytical Chemistry, CSU

Computational Modeling and Molecular Dynamics of Biological and Chemical Systems
Baochuan Guo, Ph.D.[Chem]
Clinical-Bioanalytical Chemistry, CSU
Mass Spectroscopic Studies in Clinical Diagnosis of Diseases.
Sandra Halliburton, Ph.D.[ABE]
Biomedical Engineering, CC
CT and MRI Imaging, Coronary Artery Visualization, Atherosclerotic Plaque Characterization.
Stanley Hazen, M.D., Ph.D. [Bio/Chem]
Cell Biology, CC
Leukocyte Peroxidases, Free Radicals and reactive Oxygen Species, Oxidative Damage of Biomolecules in Disease.
Nolan Holland, Ph.D.[ABE]
Applied Biomedical Engineering, CSU
Biomaterials, Cold-Temperature Cell Storage
Donald Jacobsen, Ph.D. [Bio/Chem]
Cell Biology, CC
Homocysteine: Vascular Biochemistry, Metabolism and Role in Atherogenesis.
Michael Kalafatis, Ph.D. [Chem/Bio]
Clinical-Bioanalytical Chemistry, CSU
Study of Factor Va for the activation of Prothrombin.
Sadashiva Karnik, Ph.D. [Bio/Chem]
Molecular Cardiology, CC
Molecular Cardiology: Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms Involved in Blood Pressure Regulation
Miron Kaufman, Ph.D.
Physics, CSU
Alzhemier's Disease and Entropy levels in Information processing.

Michael Kinter, Ph.D. [Chem]
Cell Biology, CC

Mass Spectrometry Characterization of Anti-Oxidant Defense Mechanisms, Sites of Oxidant Protein Damage

Bibo Li , Ph.D.[Bio]
Biological, Geological and Environmental Sciences, CSU

molecular biology: telomere functions; pathogenesis of Trypanosoma brucei in relation to telomere function and regulation of surface antigen switching
John Masnovi, Ph.D.[Chem]
Clinical-Bioanalytical Chemistry, CSU
Characterization and Reactivities of Cytochrome P-450 Model Compounds.
Ron Midura, Ph.D. [Bio/ABE]
Biomedical Engineering, CC
Connective Tissue Biology
Christine Moravec, Ph.D. [Bio]
Molecular Cardiology , CC
Excitation-Contraction Coupling in Human Heart Failure.
Lily Ng, Ph.D.[Chem]
Clinical-Bioanalytical Chemistry, CSU
FTIR Studies of Conformational Structures of Proteins and DNA; Mass Spectroscopic studies of Inhibitor and Enzymes. 
Richard Padgett, Ph.D. [Chem]
Molecular Biology, CC
Mechanism of Pre-mRNA Splicing in Vivo and in Vitro
Marc Penn , M.D., Ph.D. [ABE]
Biomedical Engineering, CC
Left ventricular remodeling after myocardial infarction: mechanisms and treatment
Jun Qin, Ph.D. [Bio/Chem]
Molecular Medicine, CC
Biomolecular NMR spectroscopy, protein-protein and protein-nucleic acid interactions, signal transduction
Tobili Sam-Yellowe, Ph.D. [Bio]
Biological, Geological and Environmental Sciences, CSU
Development of Rhop-3 protein as a Potential Malaria Vaccine.
Robert Silverman, Ph.D. [Bio/Chem]
Cancer Biology, CC
RNase L Suppress Gene Expression, Transcriptional Control of Gene Expression by Interferon
Girish Shukla, Ph.D. [Bio]
Biological, Geological and Environmental Sciences, CSU
cancer biology: in vivo and in vitro mechanisms of nuclear pre-mRNA splicing, structure-functions of small RNAs, understanding the role of miRNAs in prostate cancer, modulation of androgen receptor by miRNAs in prostate cancer
Jonathan D. Smith , Ph.D. [Bio/Chem]
Cell Biology, CC
Cell Biology: Murine Models of Atherosclerosis
Xue-Long Sun , Ph.D. [Chem]
Applied Bioanalytical Chemistry, CSU
Binding and mimicry of cell-surface molecules for bioanalytical, pharmaceutical and biomedical applications
George Stark, Ph.D. [Bio/Chem]
Molecular Biology, CC.
Genetic Analysis of Mammalian Signaling Pathways: Transcriptional Responses to Cytokines and Growth Factors. Pathways for Induction and Function P53.

Dennis J. Stuehr, Ph.D. [Bio/Chem]
Immunology, CC

The Structure and biochemistry of nitric oxide synthases.
Bruce Trapp, Ph.D. [Chem]
Neurosciences, CC
Studies of Glial Cell Development and Myelin Formation and Demyelination.
Vincent K. Tuohy, Ph.D. [Bio]
Immunology, CC
Neuroimmunology, Causes and Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis.
John Turner, Ph.D. [Chem]
Clinical-Bioanalytical Chemistry, CSU
Multispectral Imaging and Data Processing of Tissue Pathology using Visible, Raman, and IR Imaging Modalities.
Jacqueline Vitali, Ph.D. [Bio]
Department of Physics
Protein crystallography: crystal and molecular structure determination of biologically and/or chemically interesting substances by means of x-ray crystallographic analysis.
Qing Wang, Ph.D. [Chem]
Center for Molecular Genetics and Department of Molecular Cardiology, CC
Genetics and Molecular Biology of Human Disease, Angiogenesis, Gene Expression, Developmental Biology
Robert Wei, Ph.D. [Chem]
Clinical-Bioanalytical Chemistry, CSU
Development of Biomarkers for Long Term Exposure to Low Level Pollutants.
Crystal Weyman, Ph.D.[Bio]
Biological, Geological and Environmental Sciences, CSU
Signal Pathways that Regulate Differentiation and Apoptosis.
Yan Xu, Ph.D. [Chem]
Clinical-Bioanalytical Chemistry, CSU
Capillary Electrophoresis, Electrochemical Enzyme Immunoassay, Mass Spectrometry for Biomedical Analysis.
Aimin Zhou, Ph.D. [Chem]
Clinical-Bioanalytical Chemistry, CSU
RNase L's role in Mediating Apoptosis in response to Viral Infections and other Types of Stress.

* no longer at CSU/CC