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Post-Baccalaureate Program

The post-baccalaureate program is for students who have completed an undergraduate degree but who wish to do additional undergraduate work to prepare for a new career direction or to strengthen their applications and/or meet admission requirements for professional or graduate programs. Most students in the program are taking the science and math courses required for application to professional schools, although some students have different goals. This program enables you to take appropriate undergraduate courses, to receive advising, and to participate in the undergraduate pre-professional student organization and its activities.

The program does not have a fixed curriculum: the number of courses to be taken and the program duration will be determined by your career goals and by the courses you have already taken. Many of our students take classes in the evening on a part-time basis, which is possible because many classes are offered both day and evening at least once a year. Information on course offerings are available from this website for biology (see individual Semester Schedules and Course Descriptions at the left) and from the CSU registrar for other departments (see under Science and the appropriate department). A strictly enforced limitation is that post-baccalaureate students may NOT take graduate level courses (courses numbered 500 or greater). Students wishing to take graduate courses should consider non-degree seeking graduate status or one of our graduate programs. If you are interested in applying to medical schools, consult our suggested list of courses. For course requirements for various professional programs, consult other career options links.

For admission to the program, you must have a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution. Application can be done over the Internet from CSU's home page (, or by contacting the Admissions Office (216-687-2100). At CSU, students in the post-baccalaurate program are considered to be degree-seeking, so financial aid might be available. Contact our Financial Aid Office (216-687-3764) to determine if you qualify for financial aid.

For advising on admission or course scheduling, contact the respective program advisors, e.g., for Biology, contact Dr. B. Modney (phone 216-687-2440 or email

For preprofessional (pre-med, pre-vet, pre-pharm), contact Cheryl Laubacher (216-687-9357 direct; to schedule advising 216-687-2440). Information about the special organizations for pre-medical students and pre-dental students are available from the links given. A site with more information for preprofessional students is

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