Biological, Geological, and Environmental Sciences


A total of 14 ponds were surveyed by walking along their shorelines. The occurrence of shells, middens, or live mussels, as well as the suitability of the ponds for diving was noted. The table below lists ponds and tributaries that were surveyed for this study. No mussels or shells were found in tributaries of the Cuyahoga River within the CVNRA.

Tributaries Ponds
Adam Run Armington Pond
Boston Run Brushwood Pond
Brandywine Creek Coonrad Pond
Chippewa Creek Goosefeather Pond
Columbia Run Hines Pond
Dickerson Run Horseshoe Pond
Furnace Run Indigo Lake
Haskel Run Kendall Lake
Langes Run Meadowedge Pond
Sagamore Creek Sylvan Pond
Salt Run Terra Vista Pond
Tinker's Creek Top of the World Pond
unnamed tributary Wetmore Pond
Yellow Creek Woodlake

Live mussels were found in only 3 ponds:

Pyganodon grandis was found in Horseshoe Lake, and Armington Pond;
  Utterbackia imbecillis was found in Kendall lake.