Biological, Geological, and Environmental Sciences

Bachelor of Science in Geology

The Bachelor of Science degree is designed for students seeking preparation for employment as scientists or for graduate studies in the sciences. The concentration in geology is intended for students who intend to obtain advanced degrees in geology or closely related fields. It provides a solid grounding in the earth sciences, as well as the ancillary subject areas upon which the earth sciences depend.

The BS degree is modular, including a science core and a series of electives.

Science Core: 39 credit hours, including all of the following:
CHM 261/266 [4-3-5] General Chemistry I
CHM 262/267 [4-3-5] General Chemistry II
GEO 100/101 [3-2-4] Introductory Geology
GEO 323 [2-4-4] Geospatial Concepts and Tools
MTH 181 [4-0-4] Calculus I
MTH 182 [4-0-4] Calculus II
PHY 221 or 241 [4-2-5] College Physics I or University Physics I
PHY 222 or 242 [4-2-5] College Physics II or University Physics II
Capstone (GEO 451, 490, 496, or 497, or EST 492-Student Teaching) [minimum 3 credit hours; 4 credit hours for GEO 451]
GEO 499 [0-1-0] Exit Evaluation

Electives: 28 credit hours [BS] taken from the following:
GEO 106 [3-0-3] Introduction to Meteorology
GEO 150/151 [3-2-4] Geological History of the Earth
GEO 204 [3-2-4] Mineralogy*
GEO 206 [3-2-4] Petrology*
GEO 230 [3-0-3] Natural Resources
GEO 302 [3-2-4] Palebiology*
GEO 312/313 [3-2-4] Sedimentation and Stratigraphy
GEO 320/321 [3-2-4] Structural Geology
GEO 354 [4-0-4] Geochemistry
GEO 425 [2-4-4] Introduction to Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing
GEO 427 [1-6-4] Advanced Topics in Remote Sensing and GIS
GEO 444/445 [3-2-4] Hydrogeology
GEO 451 [minimum 4 credits] Field Geology
GEO 460 [3-2-4] Geomorphology
EVS 206 [4-0-4] Introduction to Environmental Science
* currently offered in collaboration with the University of Akron at Akron

For further information, contact the BGES office at (216) 687-2440 or The Geology advisor is Dr. Abbed Babaei: phone (216) 687-3506 or email

Additional information: The Thomas Lewis Award is presented annually to outstanding graduating geology major(s).

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