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B. Michael Walton Biographical Sketch

B. Michael Walton


B.S., Zoology, 1980, The George Washington University, Washington, D.C.
M.S., Biology, 1984, The George Washington University, Washington, D.C.
Ph.D., Evolutionary Biology, 1988, University of Chicago, Chicago, IL.


 Academic Experience
 1988-1990  Postdoctoral Researcher, University of California, Irvine, CA.
 1990-1996 Assistant Professor, Biology, Cleveland State University, Cleveland, OH.
 1996-Current Associate Professor, Biological, Geological, & Environmental Sciences, Cleveland State University, Cleveland, OH. 
 2000 Interim Director of Research, Center for Environmental Science, Technology, and Policy, Cleveland State University, Cleveland, OH.


Recent Manuscripts & Publications

Walton, B. M. and S. Steckler. 2005. Contrasting effects of salamanders on forest-floor macro- and mesofauna in laboratory microcosms.  Pedobiologia 49, 51-60. (Click here for abstract)

Walton, B. M., In review, Salamanders in forest-floor food webs: Environmental heterogeneity affects strength of top-down effects. Submitted to Pedobiologia(Click here for draft copy of manuscript)

Walton, B.M., D. Tsatiris, M. Rivera-Sostre. In review. Indirect effects of  salamanders in forest floor food webs: prey-size selection affects competition among detritivores. Submitted to Pedobiologia. (Click here for draft copy of manuscript)

Walton, B. M., M. Salling, J. Wyles, J. Wolin., In review.  Biological integrity in urban streams: Toward resolving multiple dimensions of urbanization. Submitted to Landscape and Urban Planning. (Click here draft copy of manuscript)

Balanson, S., B. M. Walton, J. Wolin, and T. Mal., In review. Aquatic macrophyte diversity and habitat characterization of the Cuyahoga River watershed in northeastern Ohio. Submitted to Ohio Journal of Science.

Hickerson, C. M., C. D. Anthony, and B. M. Walton. Acceptance pending revision. Edge effects and intraguild predation in native and introduced centipedes: Evidence from the field and from laboratory microcosms.  Submitted to Oecologia

Peterson, C.C., B.M. Walton, and A.F. Bennett. 2000. Metabolic costs of growth in free-living garter snakes and the energy budgets of ectotherms. Functional Ecology 13:500-507.

Peterson, C.C., B. M. Walton, and A.F. Bennett. 1998. Intrapopulation variation in ecological energetics of the garter snake, Thamnophis sirtalis. Physiological Zoology 71:333-349.

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