June 2011 Alumni Newsletter

Greetings from the College of Sciences and Health Professions at Cleveland State University!


Dear Friends,

Dr. Bette Bonder, Dean

It is with mixed emotions that I am ending my tenure as Dean of the College of Sciences and Health Professions on June 30, 2011. After a one year sabbatical, I will return to teaching in Health Sciences and Psychology.

Dr. Meredith Bond - a prominent heart researcher and University of Maryland department chair - will be the next Dean of the College of Sciences and Health Professions. With more than 25 years experience in cardiovascular research funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the American Heart Association, Dr. Bond will play a key role in advancing CSU's commitment to health professions.

As a former scientist from the Cleveland Clinic, she will expand CSU's important relationships with area hospitals, while developing the University's unique new medical school partnership with NEOMED. Dr. Bond's outstanding reputation and academic experience positions her well to advance CSU's research and fundraising capabilities, and our renowned center in gene research will continue to gain national prominence through her leadership.

The College of Sciences and Health Professions has made great strides in the past five years. When I became dean at the beginning of the 2007 academic year, our annual student credit hour count was just over 78,000. This year, AY 11, it stands at 104,550. We have gone from roughly 2,200 majors to more than 3,000.

Enrollment obviously doesn’t tell the whole story with regard to the student experience. We have added a significant number of new programs designed to serve both our students and the community. Among them are the forensic chemistry program, Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Science, physician assistant program, Ph.D. in Adult Development and Aging, and many more. These not only match student interest but also provide the personnel that are driving Cleveland’s renaissance.

There are many other examples of the College’s commitment to student success and engagement. COSHP faculty have consistently garnered the largest share of undergraduate summer research funding. I’d provide you the list of faculty publications and presentations that include student authors, but this newsletter would go on forever if I did. A few examples can be found in this document. Likewise, our graduates are admitted to prestigious graduate programs and our Ph.D. alumni go on to high-profile post-doctoral positions. We have work to do in terms of retention and graduation rates, but I believe we are on the road to greater success in these areas.

Our research endeavor has grown considerably. The number of grants submitted annually continues to go up, and our funding success is excellent in this era of declining resources. It is noteworthy that we now have researchers in three departments with NIH funding, and in two other departments with NIH sub-contracts through strong community partnerships. The creation of the highly successful Center for Gene Regulation in Health and Disease has established a model for other centers to follow; two are already being planned.

Our efforts at development have also begun to pay dividends. In 07, we had $164,000 in gift and endowment funds. To date in 11 we have $800,000. This is a tiny amount for such a large and diverse College with so many accomplished alumni, but the trend is consistently positive, and many more alumni are in touch with us, sharing news, and providing gifts that may well grow over time. Many of you have been extraordinarily generous. One item for which I am particularly grateful is the increase in endowed scholarships. In 06, we had a total of seven. As of today, we have 19. As you know, ours is a student population for which a few hundred dollars or a thousand can make the difference between leaving school and achieving a dream. I’m thrilled that so many more can hope to achieve the dream.

Thank you for allowing me the privilege of serving as Dean, and thank you for your support and loyalty to the College of Sciences and Health Professions and Cleveland State University.

Dr. Bette Bonder
Dean, College of Sciences and Health Professions

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News You Can Use

Abe Bonder and Evelyn Darnovsky Bonder Scholarship

On June 30, 2011, Dean Bette Bonder will complete her five-year tenure as Dean of the College of Sciences and Health Professions.  Following a brief leave, Bette will return to teach in Health Sciences and Psychology.

Throughout her service as Dean, Bette led the College with skill and grace.  Her leadership contributed significantly to many of the College’s achievements during that period, including substantial growth in student enrollment, enhanced research productivity of the faculty, several new programs, and an exciting new partnership with NEOUCOM.  In short, Bette’s dedication has permanently and substantially improved the College and the University.

Bette’s extraordinary commitment to our students is also evident in her decision to create, with her family, the Abe Bonder and Evelyn Darnovsky Bonder Scholarship in honor of her parents.  This scholarship fund will benefit students in the Occupational Therapy Program.

To recognize Bette’s service and commitment, I ask that you join me in making a gift in her honor to this fund.  To make a gift, please return the pledge card or make a secure donation online:  https://secure.skipjack.com/clsu/.  You may also direct your gift in her honor to the School of Health Sciences or any fund within the College.

Thank you for helping me celebrate Bette’s extraordinary service.  And thank you for your generous support of Cleveland State University.


Geoffrey S. Mearns
Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs


2011 Leah S. Gary Endowed Scholarship Awarded

Rosalie Kennedy Sullivan received $1,100 for the fall semester. Rosalie is a full-time student that works 22 hours a week as a nursing assistant.  Her goal is to become an Occupational Therapist by 2016.  Rosalie has a 3.47 GPA.

Dean Bonder also gave a $200 award; three $100 awards; and two $50 awards from the College of Sciences and Health Professions Scholarship Fund to close runners-ups. While this is not a lot of money, it will help students purchase books and other supplies, and recognizes their need and drive.

Endowed scholarships support the success of so many Cleveland State University students.


Viking Collaborative

The Viking Collaborative is new web initiative that will be launched soon.

The Viking Collaborative highlights the difference makers throughout the CSU community (alumni, donors, students, faculty and staff) and tells their stories. If you knew of anyone who might deserve to be highlighted - people who are making an impact on his or her community email Jordan Burress at j.o.burress@csuohio.edu.

Departmental News


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2011 Earth Science Achievement Awards Presented to Nicholas Bugosh (Geology, 1981). Nicholas Bugosh received the award for his pioneering contributions to geomorphic reclamation. Geomorphic reclamation is the process of constructing watersheds on disturbed lands that simulate the relatively stable topography that the erosive forces of nature would eventually form over a very long time.

Pictured from left to right: Cabinet Secretary-Designate John H. Bemis, Dr. Peter Scholle, Representative James Roger Madalena, Nicholas Bugosh, and Charles Thomas.

Emily Akhumian was selected for the Dr. Jennie S. Hwang Award, given by the Cleveland YWCA to an outstanding female junior or sophomore student in science, engineering, or technology at area institutions. Emily is doing honors research with Dr. Bibo Li, studying gene regulation in the sleeping sickness parasite. She has served as secretary and VP of the premed student organization.

Bob Krebs received two grants: one to support mussel research from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for the project entitled "Conservation of Native Freshwater Mussel Refuges in Great Lakes Coastal Zones" and the other from the Geauga Park District for the project entitled "Interconnectivity of the mussel fauna in the Geauga County Highlands."

At its annual year-end awards ceremony, BGES presented Nicole Glazer with the Thomas L. Lewis award for outstanding seniors in Geology. Nikki was instrumental in reinvigorating the geology club and also carried out a project to determine the thermal footprint of the CSU campus. The department also presented Courtney Brennan with the Tarun K. Mal award for outstanding seniors in Environmental Science. Courtney has been working with researchers at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History on their bird collection.

Steve Archacki, M.D. successfully defended his Ph.D. dissertation and he was named the Euclid Hospital Physician of the Year. While continuing to practice family medicine in Euclid, Dr. Archacki has been pursuing his research with Dr. Qing Wang of the Cleveland Clinic on the genetics and biochemistry of heart disease, focusing on left anterior descending coronary artery and the nearby mammillary artery often used for coronary bypass surgery.

Graduate student Darshana Poddar has been awarded the "Future of Science Fellowship Award" from the Keystone Symposium on Immunology. Only 4 people received this award from a large number of participants around the world. Her fellow award recipients are from Duke, Cornell and Dartmouth.

Also, kudos to Darshana Poddar, and to her mentor Barsan Mazumder, for winning an AHA predoctoral fellowship to support her dissertation research on a knockout mouse for studying inflammation.

Ever wondered what those dead birds are that are found around the campus? Members of the department recently reported on the numbers and kinds of birds that die through collisions with windows of CSU campus buildings. Cal Borden, Ph.D. CSU, Owen Lockhart, and Mark Lyons, working with Andy Jones of the Cleveland Museum of Natural History, systematically surveyed carcasses from 2007 to 2008. Their report is published as W.C. Borden, O.M. Lockhart, A.W. Jones, and M.S. Lyons in the Ohio Journal of Science.

Owen also worked with Kal Ivanov, Professor Mike Walton, and Joe Keiper from the CMNH on another paper documenting numbers and distribution of an invasive ant species. The report is published as K. Ivanov, O.M. Lockhart, J. Keiper, and B.M. Walton in Biological Invasions.

Scott Fulton was elected to serve as the 2011-2012 Premedical Regional Director for the American Medical Student Association (AMSA). In this capacity, he will be responsible for overseeing and collaborating with AMSA chapters in the region as well as planning Chapter Officer Regional (CORE) Forums.   AMSA is a student-governed, national organization committed to representing the concerns of medical students, premedical students, interns, residents and practicing physicians. The national leadership positions within AMSA are extremely competitive, with students from around the nation campaigning for a select number of opportunities.



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The Department of Chemistry and the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences in the College of Pharmacy at NEOMED have agreed to explore collaboration in educational and research activities in the pharmaceutical sciences discipline, with the presidents of the two institutions signing a Memorandum of Understanding in March. The Department of Chemistry has a Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Science degree program (inaugurated in Fall 2009), while NEOMED’s Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences has Masters and Doctor of Philosophy degree programs in Integrated Pharmaceutical Medicine

Dr. Valentin Gogonea, Professor of Chemistry was honored with the 2011 Outstanding Research Award of the College of Sciences and Health Professions. Dr. Gogonea has been working collaboratively with Dr. Stan Hazen at the Lerner Research Institute of the Cleveland Clinic.  He has developed new multidisciplinary approaches for structural elucidation of the “good cholesterol” (HDL) particle.

Dr. Aimin Zhou, Associate Professor of Chemistry received the 2011 Distinguished Faculty & Staff Award of the Chinese-American Staff Association at CSU.

The Department in partnership with Center for eLearning received a grant from the Cleveland State’s Fund for Teaching Innovation for the development of a Wimba classroom in chemistry. The Wimba format allows two way real-time audio/and video communication between student and the professor. The grantees are Dr. Jerry Mundell and Dr. David Anderson from the Department of Chemistry and Mr. Christopher Rennison from the Center for eLearning.

Undergraduate chemistry major Aloysus Lawong was awarded a 2011 United Negro College Fund/ Merck Company Foundation Undergraduate Science Research Scholarship Award for the 2011-2012 academic year. The recipients of this highly competitive award receive up to a $25,000 scholarship, as well as support for a 10-12 week summer internship at one of the Merck research facilities in New Jersey, Pennsylvania or Massachusetts. Aloysus is a member of the American Chemical Society, the Golden Key International Honor Society, a McNair Scholar, a Leadership Alliance Scholar, and the first student member of the Black Professionals Association Charitable Foundation’s board of trustees. He is also a recipient of the Black Male Initiative “Leading by Example” Award. Aloysus conducts undergraduate research with chemistry’s Dr. David Ball as his mentor.

Chemistry doctoral students Satya Narla Kerri Smith won the Outstanding Oral Presentation Awards at the 2011 Cleveland American Chemical Society Meeting-In- Miniature, March 16 at Ursuline College.



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The Careers in Health and Medical Professions (CHAMPS) program for high school students was awarded $35,220 from the Martha Holden Jennings Foundation. The program includes an intensive two-week Summer Institute based in case-based learning followed by four Saturday Academies throughout the academic year. In 2010, the program assisted 24 students from 9 high schools. The program also received $41,199 from the Kaiser Foundation of Ohio.

Tamara Sines has been selected as the first recipient of the Abe Bonder and Evelyn Darnovsky Bonder Scholarship.  Tamara was selected based on the criteria of financial need and outstanding classroom performance. 



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Ivan Soprunov wrote a paper with Jenya Soprunova (Kent State) on "Bringing Toric Codes to the Next Dimension". It appeared in SIAM Journal of Discrete Math. vol. 24 in the Fall of 2010.

In May 2011, Ivan Soprunov gave a talk at the Banff International Research Station for Mathematical Innovation and Discovery (Canada) in the workshop on "Harmonic Analysis in Convex Geometry".

Greg Lupton was awarded the first research travel grant from the Simons Foundation ($35,000 for five years).  The funds can be used by Dr. Lupton for research travel, travel expenses to bring scholars to CSU, and department research seminars.  This very competitive grant process is a high tribute to the quality of Dr. Lupton's research.

Yuping Wu served as statistical consultant for Dr. Stan Hazen at the Cleveland Clinic on a project recently published in Nature. The link to the Plain Dealer article on this research is below:

Congratulations to the poster award winners from the recent Choose Ohio First Success in Math STEM poster presentation.  This event is held jointly each year with Akron, Kent, Youngstown, Tri-C and Case. This year the event was held at the Quaker Station in Akron. CSU students took first, second, 5th and 8th among 89 posters from the six institutions.  Selections were made based on ratings from the students.  CSU students were not permitted to rate CSU posters. 

1st place: Na'Tasha Evans, The Relationship between Lampsilis radiata luteola on Different Sides of Ohio's Northern Divide, advised by Dr. Robert Krebs

2nd place: Anam Khan, Redox Imbalance in the Asthmatic Lung, based on research done in Dr. Serpil Erzurum's lab at the Lerner Research Institute; advised by Dr. Suzy Comhair

5th place: Michael Washington, The Technology and Benefits of High Speed Rail

8th place: Shane Poloha, Daniel Pistilli, Steve Thomas, Brendan Skrtic, University Parking Probability for CSU Student Center

On the left is Na'Tasha Evans (1st), second from left is Mike Washington (5th), to Mike's left are Shane Poloha, Daniel Pistilli, and Steve Thomas (8th along with Brendan Skrtic not pictured) and on the right is Anam Khan (2nd overall).



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Andy Resnick received a grant from the National Institutes of Health to study the characteristics of kidney cell permeability.



  • For more departmental information, click here.

Two members of our faculty received Engaged Learning Research Awards that will be used to support the engagement of undergraduate students with faculty pursuing various lines of research during the summer months. Dr. Naohide Yamamoto is conducting research on “Schizotypal Traits and Self-Motion Sensing: Exploring the role of Bodily Sense in Space Perception,” and Dr. Lisa Stines Doane is studying “The Relationship between Treatment Preference and PTSD Treatment Outcome.” Congratulations to these faculty members, and to the students who will be working with them in the coming months!

Dr. Kathie Judge was awarded a Faculty Research Development grant by the University Research Council. Her project, “Dyadic Intervention for Caregivers and Individuals with Severe Symptoms of Dementia”, is funded for the 2011-12 year.

Outstanding Psychology Undergraduate Student Awards were announced earlier this month. Luyen Thai (Main Campus) and Ryan Plas (Lorain County Community College) were recognized by the Psychology Department for their exemplary scholastic performance and engagement in the field.

A number of Psychology students received Travel Awards for research-related activities, including Nicole Dawson (OAGE Professional and Student Conference on Aging), Maria Donaldson (Object Perception, Attention & Memory Conference), Sarah Hughes (National Association of School Psychologists Conference), Amanda Kravochuck (National Association of School Psychologists Conference), Richard Jason Lawrence (Anxiety Disorders Association of America Conference), Jessica Newell (National Social Science Conference), and Amanda Valerian (Anxiety Disorders Association of America Conference).

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