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Antitrust Policy and Government Regulation

Chris Sagers, Professor of Law, is an expert on U.S. antitrust policy, financial policy and business regulations and comments frequently on government financial and business policy and its impact on competition and overall economic health. He can speak to the increasing large number significant corporate mergers in numerous industries and the U.S. government reaction to this trend, as well as what types of financial and regulatory issues the next president will face. He is author of the forthcoming book Apple, Antitrust, and Irony, published by Harvard University Press.
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Criminal Justice Policy

Jonathan Witmer-Rich, Associate Professor of Law, is an expert in criminal policy and procedure and can provide insights on criminal justice policy, actions taken by the courts and law and policy towards terrorism. He is a former Federal Public Defender and currently serves as a counsel to the Ohio Commission on the Rules of Practice and Procedure.
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Demographics and Minority and Low Income Voting

Mark Salling, Senior Fellow in the Maxine Goodman Levin College of Urban Affairs and Director of the Northern Ohio Data & Information Service, is an expert on urban demography, the U.S. Census, redistricting and minority and low income voting. He comments often on the changing demographics of Cleveland and how the city's population shift is impacting economic and community revival. He could also discuss the impact of low income and minority voting on the 2016 elections and the policies that are in place to enhance, and in some cases reduce, voter turnout among these populations. He is currently Chairman of the Cleveland Census Statistical Areas Committee.
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Economic Development

Richard Piiparinen, Director of the Center for Population Dynamics, is an expert on regional economic development and national economic policy. He can provide insights on the main economic themes being presented by the candidates and how this rhetoric may transfer to policy following November. He could also provide information for background stories on the City of Cleveland. Here is a recent op-ed he wrote on the Cleveland economy for your review.
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Education Policy

Debbie Jackson, Associate Professor of Education, is an expert in urban education, STEM education and teacher training. She has a strong knowledge of the current debates in education policy and could also discuss efforts to improve educational quality and performance in inner-city schools. She is the CSU faculty liaison for the Cleveland Metropolitan School District's MC2STEM High School.
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Election Law and Cyber Security

Candice Hoke, Professor of Law, is an expert in election law and the growing use of technology in elections and voting. She frequently is quoted in stories regarding efforts to assist people with disabilities and the elderly in gaining access to the vote as well as controversies t regarding election law and counting of the votes. She is also an expert in cybersecurity law and policy and is co-director of CSU's Center for Cybersecurity and Privacy Protection.
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History of Cleveland

Mark Souther, Director of the Center for Public History and Digital Humanities, is an expert on the history of Cleveland. He can provide historical perspective on the city as it gets set to host the RNC including its political importance in past presidential elections, previous conventions hosted by Cleveland, and interesting anecdotes and local flavor about the region. He would also be able to discuss the history of urban decline and blight, how Cleveland has worked to revive its economy and community and where the city is headed moving forward.
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International Relations and the Supreme Court

David Forte, Professor of Law, is an expert in international relations and the Supreme Court. He has a strong knowledge of U.S. foreign policy and the main international issues the next president will face. He could also discuss the current make-up of the Supreme Court, how this could be effected by the appointments of Clinton or Trump and the impact this could have on civil liberties. During the Reagan Administration Forte served as chief counsel to the United States delegation to the United Nations.
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Political Protests

Joseph Mead, an Assistant Professor of Public Administration and Law, is an expert in political protest law and policy and public policy towards the homeless. He can comment on the potential for protests during the RNC and how those demonstrations should be handled by law enforcement. He can also discuss national homeless policy including the growing move by municipalities to outlaw panhandling, which was just debated in Akron, Ohio.
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Politics and Elections

Richard Perloff, Professor of Communication and Political Science, is nationally recognized for his research in political communication and expertise in campaign advertising, political debates and campaign tone. He is the author of The Dynamics of Political Communication: Media and Politics in a Digital Age.
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Race Relations

Ronnie Dunn, Associate Professor of Urban Studies, is an expert in urban and social policy, race relations and racial profiling. He can provide insights on racial inequality issues that will have a major impact on the presidential election as well as efforts to address the continued racial divide in America, including the Black Lives Matter campaign. He could also discuss race relations in Cleveland and how the community has worked to address the challenges it faces. In 2015, he was appointed by Governor John Kasich to the Ohio Task Force on Community-Police Relations.
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Urban Policy

Norm Krumholz, Professor of Urban Studies, is a national innovator and frequent commentator on urban policy and city planning. He is considered one of the founders of the equity planning movement and can provide significant insight on the use of planning to improve social justice, economic development and community revival. He can also discuss the politics and history of Cleveland and its impact on the city today. He is the author of Revitalizing Urban Neighborhoods and the former President of the American Planning Association. Prior to joining CSU, he served as Planning Director for the City of Cleveland from 1969-1979.