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Extended active disturbance rejection controller.

Short Description Controllers, systems, and methods for feedback control of various systems.
Abstract An ADRC controller that comprises one or more computer components, that extend, build upon and enhance the use of ADRC controllers and provide enhanced performance and utility. Specifically, the ADRC controller utilizes a predictive computer component that predicts future values of the plant output as well as future estimates of the system state and generalized disturbance.
Inventor(s) Dr. Zhiqiang Gao, Ph.D. Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.
Commercial Applications
  • Wide range of industrial and commercial applications.
  • Tracking control, referring to the output of a controlled system meeting design requirements when a specified reference trajectory is applied.
  • Web processing
  • Jet engine control
  • Increase in performance and practicality, providing solutions to pressing engineering problems of today.
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