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High-temperature, non-catalytic, infrared heater.

Short Description To improve the overall efficiency of gas based heaters.
Abstract This invention relates to a high-temperature, non-catalytic, infrared heater having a burner and a re-radiating surface proportioned to operate the heater at approximately 600°F to 1400°F.
Inventor(s) Dr. Mounir Ibrahim, Ph.D. Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering.
Commercial Applications
  • Providing end-market users more efficient gas heaters.
  • Increases overall efficiency of the heating process to greater than 40% by minimizing exhaust temperature and/or recovering wasted heat of the IR heater.
  • Minimizes the power density of the heater to less than 50 watt/in2 by increasing the conversion of fuel energy to radiant energy.
IP Information 6,368,102
Related IP 6,612,835
Status Available
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