MARCH 10, 2014


Proposal Development Workshop - Summer 2014
Call for Participation


This workshop will be conducted during the summer of 2014 for tenure-track faculty interested in developing proposals for external research funding, particularly targeted at federal agencies. The workshop is intended to allow faculty, especially new faculty, an opportunity to work on developing a complete proposal in a relatively "safe" environment while receiving substantial feedback about the key concepts and ideas that frame their proposed research program.

Workshop Structure

The workshop will be conducted over an eight-week period during Summer 2014 (beginning the first week in June). The workshop will include one meeting (approximately two hours) each week, with invited presentations covering a variety of topics surrounding proposal development, including the following:

  1. Choosing a funding agency; targeting an idea towards a particular solicitation; different kinds of funding announcements such as RFPs, BAAs, etc.
  2. Structure of a proposal; review of successful proposals
  3. Developing a budget for a federal grant
  4. Agency-specific considerations - NSF, NIH, DOD, etc.
  5. Developing collaborations, both within CSU and outside
  6. Internal SPRS forms and policies, including training on Cayuse
  7. Dealing with rejection; revising proposals for resubmission

The workshop will also include individual review of writing samples that the participants will prepare, as well as group critiques. The idea is that by the end of the workshop, each participant has a complete proposal ready for submission to a funding agency. Participants are expected to submit the proposal to a funding agency within several months of the workshop.

How to Apply

Interested faculty members must submit an application package which includes (a) a short, one-page summary of their research idea, (b) two or three different solicitations, or RFPs that they would like to respond to with a proposal, and (c) the name of another CSU faculty member who would serve as their writing mentor (please check with the mentor to make sure that he or she agrees to participate). The writing mentor will be someone who will be able to provide constructive feedback to the workshop participant about his or her proposal. The feedback will be primarily targeted at improving the quality of the core research idea being presented, in addition to helping with presentation. Applications must be sent to and by Monday, April 7, 2014. Participants will be notified of acceptance by Monday, April 14, 2014. The workshop is open only to non-tenured faculty members.

Participants in the workshop will be paid a stipend of $1500. In addition, writing mentors will be paid a stipend of $500 to compensate for their effort.

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