Graduate Faculty Travel Award Program - Guidelines


The purpose of the Graduate Faculty Travel Award Program is to support professional activities that will enhance research and scholarship at the University. Because travel is an important component of this development, funds will be made available to assist faculty in presenting at international, national and regional professional conferences, exhibitions or workshops. Opportunities for travel to other types professional activities, such as attending seminars or visiting funding agencies (e.g., NSF, NIH), that enhance research and scholarship skills and increase the probability of obtaining external funding may also be supported by this Program.


Must be a regular member of the Graduate Faculty.1 The Office of Research will provide matching funds for no more than two-thirds of the proposed total cost of travel. The budget on the application form must identify both the amount requested from the program and the source of the remaining one-third, including personal funds. Graduate Faculty members may apply a maximum of twice per fiscal year, and may receive only one award per fiscal year. Please note that in order for awardees to be eligible for another Graduate Faculty Travel Award in the future, evidence must be provided that demonstrates the travel related to the previous award led to a successful outcome, such as a peer reviewed journal article in which the Graduate Faculty Travel Award Program was acknowledged, the submission of a new application for external funding, or other similar outcomes.

Available Support and Application Process

The Office of Research will provide matching funds for up to two-thirds of the proposed total cost of travel. In no case will support from the Travel Program exceed $1,200. The remaining one-third may be covered by any combination of department, college, grant, professional development, and personal funds. Complete the application form and submit it to Office of Research. Please include documentation supporting your application, such as letters of invitation, call for papers, etc.

Funding Priorities

This program is competitive and, because of limited funds, not all applications will be funded. The following criteria will be used in determining which professional development activities provide greater benefits to the University:

Higher Priority Lower Priority
  • To present multiple invited or peer-reviewed papers, or to present a paper and serve on a
    program committee at the same conference.
  • To present an invited or peer-reviewed paper/poster at a national/international conference.
  • To perform or exhibit works of art at a national/international juried event.
  • To be a discussant on a panel or to serve as part of the organizing committee of a
    national/international conference.
  • To facilitate interactions with prospective sponsors or program officers, or to attend
    workshops that may lead to new funding from external sources.
  • Higher priority may be given to junior faculty.
  • To present a non-peer reviewed paper/poster at a conference, or to serve as a chair of a session without presenting a paper.
  • To chair a session or present a paper at a regional conference or to perform or exhibit
    works of art at a regional juried show or an unjuried exhibition or show.
  • To attend a conference, workshop or seminar where the faculty member is not presenting.
  • The majority of matching funds is provided by the faculty member’s personal funds, indicating less support from the Department, College and/or external sponsors.2

Application Submission and Review Process

Submit the completed Graduate Faculty Travel Award Program Application Form via email as a single pdf-formatted attachment (including all supporting materials) to and Applications for travel any time during the calendar year will be reviewed five times – in September, November, February, April, and July. Applicants will be informed of action taken on the application within approximately two weeks of review.

1Under the revised guidelines for graduate faculty membership, effective spring 2014, applicants must have Level I Membership.
2Applications without any matching funds from the applicant's department, college, grant, or faculty development funds will only be funded for Assistant Professors, and only in exceptional cases.

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