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Research Challenge Committee

The Office of Research and Graduate Studies announces the formation of a new committee called the Research Challenge Committee (RCC). In order to make significant progress toward the University’s goal of being a vibrant research University, we need to identify and alleviate (where possible) the challenges facing our faculty engaged in research. The charge of the committee will be to address problems faced by the faculty involved in funded research, the improvement of the research enterprise and environment at our University, and to advise the Vice President for Research and other administrative officers on matters of University policy and its implementation that can and should be changed to facilitate research.

 #  Member Name College Department Office Address Office Phone Department Phone Campus E-Mail
1 Austrian, Ziona Maxine Goodman Levin College of Urban Affairs Center for Economic Development UR-354 687-3988 687-6947
2 Baskind, Samantha College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences Art MB-233 687-2096 687-2040
3 Drucker, Jesse Human Relations Development and Labor Relations AC-130 523-7440 523-7440
4 Komar, Anton College of Sciences and Health Professions  Biology, Geology, Environmental Sciences SR-259,258 687-2516, 523-7259 687-2440
5 Long, Tim   Budget and Financial Analysis AC-212 687-5401 687-5401
6 Mazumder, Barsanjit College of Sciences and Health Professions Biology, Geology, Environmental Sciences SI-261,269 687-2435, 523-7552 687-2440
7 Perry, Justin

College of Education and Human Service

Counseling, Administration, Supervision and Adult Learning



8 Sridhar, Nigamanth Washkewicz College of Engineering Electrical and Computer Engineering SH-435 687-5341 687-2591
9 van den Bogert, Antonie Washkewicz College of Engineering Mechanical Engineering SH-246 687-5329 687-2567
10 Wilson, William   Information Services and Technology RT-1104D 687-4686 687-5050
11 Vacancy (Faculty Senate Rep.)            
12 Han, Joseph (Ex-Officio Member)  

Facilities & Safety




McLennan, Conor (Ex-Officio Member)

  Office of Research PH-210 687-5171 687-9364
14 Sawicki, Jerzy (Ex-Officio Member)   Office of Research PH-203 687-9364 687-9364

REVISED January 2014

Click here for RCC Meeting Minutes

Spring 2014 RCC Meeting Schedule

Date Time Day Location
February 10, 2014 12:00-1:30 p.m. Monday PH 200