Office of Research

Research Centers and Institutes

See also Cleveland State's Guidelines on Centers.

Name Established

Bioethics Center 2002
Center for Advanced Control Technologies (CACT) 1995
Center for Advancements in Renewable Energy (CARE) 2010
Center for Arts and Innovation 2005
Center for Community Planning and Development 2009
Center for Economic Development 1986
Center for Election Integrity 2005
Center for Emergency Preparedness 1984
Center for Gene Regulation in Health and Disease 2008
Center for Healing Across Cultures 2005
Center for Health Equity 2006
Center for Health Law and Policy 2009
Center for Leadership Development 1993
Center for Neighborhood Development 1979
Center for Nonprofit Policy and Practice 1970
Center for Public Management 1982
Center for Research in Electronics and Aerospace Technology (CREATE) 2003
Center for Rotating Machinery Dynamics and Control (RoMaDyC) 2006
Center for Sacred Landmarks
Center for Urban Education (CUE)


Communication Research Center 1976
Criminology Research Center 2008
Fenn Research and Development Institute (FRDI) 2009
Global Business Center N/A
Great Lakes Environmental Finance Center 1995
Housing Research and Policy Program 1982
Maxine Goodman Levin College of Urban Affairs: Research Centers N/A
Northern Ohio Data and Information Service (NODIS) 1982
Paul J. Everson Center For the Study of Real Estate Brokerage/Agency and Markets 1992
Poetry Center 1962
The Ohio Center for the Advancement of Women in Public Service 2001
The Urban Center 1979
Unger International Center for Local Government Leadership 2001
University Transportation Center 2004
Wright Center for Sensor System Engineering (WCSSE) 2007