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Woody Jamiel

CSU Rec Personal Trainer Woody JamielWoody Jamiel

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Certifications and Experience
Woody holds a Bachelor's degree in Health and Human Kinetics with a focus in Exercise Science.  He also has a minor in Psychology.  Fitness has been his passion since his first time playing sports.  He enjoys personal training because he wants everyone to gain a passion for their health and fitness like he has.  He want to help everyone reach their goals, whether it is general fitness or higher performance training.  He is a lover of CrossFit and Olympic lifting.  He is always trying different exercises and workouts, because he loves constantly learning about fitness and constantly challenging himself to become better.  Because of this, he loves to train athletes.  However, he loves to train all populations, and he can create fun and challenging workouts for all levels.  He specializes in functional fitness, stabilization, corrective, strength, and power training.  He loves to incorporate exercises to help with cardiovascular endurance and core strength and stability.

Favorite Fitness Quote
"Success isn't about how far you got, but the distance you traveled from where you started."

Check out Woody's video bio below as he shares more information about himself and his personal training style. And if you're interested in training with Woody, stop by the Pro Shop today to get started!