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Use These Moves to Elevate Your Workouts.


We want to help you be the best you can be. Our newest resource series is geared toward helping you with your workouts at home or at the gym by showing you some great exercises to help you be fit and healthy. The Move of the Month series is a building collection of video entries featuring our personal trainers explaining and showing you some of their favorite exercise moves. Check back each month for the latest entry to continue building your exercise repertoire.

To view all of our Move of the Month videos, plus other instructional and informative videos, check out our YouTube page!

April 2017

Bulgarian Split Squat
Leonard Wimbley


March 2017

Six Point Curl
Joe Zitricki

February 2017

Russian Twist on Bosu Ball
Dimitra Cesaratto

January 2017

Leonard Wimbley

December 2016

Conventional Deadlift
Max Newman


November 2016

Lateral Dumbbell Raises
Nick Lesh


October 2016

Superman Push-Up
Mario Suarez

September 2016

Cable Crossover
Taylor Mummert