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Jeromy Bryk

Jeromy BrykJeromy Bryk

ACSM-Certified Personal Trainer

Certifications and Experience
Jeromy holds a Bacherlor's Degree in Exercise Science from Cleveland State University. He became a personal trainer to share his passion for fitness and use it to help others reach their goals. Personally, he stays motivated by competing in Men's Physique and Powerlifting Competitions a few times each year and is consistently trying new things, making sure his workout is always fun, whether its powerlifting, weightlifting, crossfit, or performing functional fitness activities. He specializes in hypertrophy, strength training, and fat loss, but is able to prescribe training programs to all types of clients.

Favorite Fitness Quote
"When you embark in this journey you must know that, its gonna go down before it comes up, and when it comes up its gonna go so much higher than you have ever been!" - Greg Plitt

Check out Jeromy's video bio below as he shares more information about himself and his personal training style. And if you're interested in training with Jeromy, stop by the Pro Shop today to get started!