Presidential Student Ambassador Program

CSU Student Ambassadors

President Ronald Berkman and his wife, Patsy Bilbao-Berkman are rolling out a new tradition at Cleveland State University – the Presidential Student Ambassador Program. The new program is launching this fall.

A select group of academically accomplished students were invited to attend a preliminary interview in early September. On Sept. 19th  and 20th, students were invited to a second interview which consisted of a mock reception where they were encouraged to meet someone new and introduce him/her to all attendees.

The interview process is now complete. Students selected to represent the University as Presidential Student Ambassadors will be notified on Sept. 30.

This new program will provide CSU students an opportunity to learn about networking skills and etiquette while promoting the University at various events. Those selected will have the chance to serve as a host or hostess to V.I.P. dignitaries at numerous Presidential functions.

Presidential Ambassadors will help enhance high-profile Presidential events and will also benefit the University in the following ways:

  • Communicate the mission and culture of the University
  • Enhance CSU tradition
  • Promote University-wide pride
  • Expose event guests to high caliber CSU students

Click here to view photos of the program in action!