South Garage

The sign for the South GarageThe South Garage (SG) is located east of the Wolstein Center on Prospect between E. 21st and E. 22nd (just south of the Stephanie Tubbs Jones Regional Transit Center). Entrance is on East 21st (one way southbound), 2101 E. 21st Street. Exits are located on East 21st (one way southbound) and East 22nd (one way northbound).

The garage has four levels with 623 parking spaces and provides parking for CSU Prepaid parking patrons (faculty, staff, and students) and for daily use and campus visitors.

SG is automated and has no parking attendant on site. On occasion, the SG may be unavailable for campus parking in order to provide for special event parking for the nearby Wolstein Center. Overnight parking is available for visitors and designated parking permits (with a valid overnight sticker) on vehicles registered with Parking & Transportation.

The Open sign indicating the garage is open.

LED signs posted at the lot entranced indicate the status of the parking facility:

  • OPEN means the facility is available for parkers.
  • FULL means the facility is at capacity and no additional visitor parkers are permitted to park.

Each entry and exit lane has a HELP button that allows for immediate contact to Parking Services for assistance. 

Parking at SG for CSU Prepaid Permit Holders (SCAN IN – SCAN OUT)

South Garage Viking Card Reader

Permit holders that wish to park in SG must display a CSU Prepaid parking pass and use a valid Viking Card to enter and exit. Prepaid parkers do not need to request parking access to the SG. SG parking privileges are automatically programmed at the time the permit is purchased. However, access to the garage may take up to 24 hours to be activated.

To enter the facility, prepaid permit holders wave or scan their Viking Card at the gray card reader located in one of the facility entrances. Once scanned, the parker may enter the raised gate and proceed to park in the facility. To exit the facility, a prepaid permit holder must wave or scan their Viking Card at the card reader at one of the exit lanes of the parking facility. If the card is not scanned to enter the facility, it will not activate the gate to exit the facility. Scan in – Scan out. Only one vehicle can be parked in SG using a prepaid permit holders card at a time.

Visitor Access/Hours

South Garage Entry LaneThe SG is available to visitors 24/7. Any parker in the facility may exit facility at any time by submitting payment. The parking access gate raises once a valid Viking Card scan or payment to the exit pay lane is made.

Daily Use/Visitor Parking Operations

The SG is available to visitors 24/7. Any parker in the facility may exit facility at any time by submitting payment. The parking access gate raises once a valid Viking Card scan or payment to the exit pay lane is made.

The SG is designed to accommodate single day (visitor) parking. As the facility is automated, reserved parking for visitors is not feasible. Single day parking is available on a first come basis.

$2 for first hour - $1 per hour after. Max $10 per day. Day restarts at 12am. Visitors enter the facility by pressing the silver button on the ticket dispenser located at one of the lot entrances. After pressing the silver button, the parker takes the parking ticket and proceeds through the raised gate into the garage to park.

Pay to Exit

Exiting South GarageAt the exit lane, the visitor inserts the ticket they pulled when entering into the Pay in Lane (PIL) device. An amoun due shows in the window and payment is required. Payment methods are: cash (bills up top $20 denominations), credit card (Visa, Mastercard, or bank debit card). Change dispensed for cash payments is made in bills, then coins. Once the fee is paid, the gate will raise. Receipts are available by selecting the receipt button.

Please note that the exit lane onto E. 22 is now a dedicated for credit card payments and CSU Permits only. No cash is accepted in this lane.

Departments who wish to validate guest parking at the SG (or PG) may purchase pre validated parking tickets that can be inserted into machines instead of cash or credit card. Please contact Parking & Transportation Services for details.

When the SG is operated for special event parking (signs are posted), a flat parking fee is charged upon entrance and cash only is accepted for payment. No refunds are available for special event parking or lost ticket cost.

For further information about the CSU South Garage, contact Parking & Transportation Services at 216.687.2023